Japanese carrier DoCoMo demos 'Intelligent glass' wearable at CEATEC 2013 handson

Wearables are coming and DoCoMo wants to be involved from the start. Here at CEATEC, the carrier has dedicated a quadrant of its booth to prototype wearables (at least some of it was Vuzix hardware), with several different demo sessions offering glimpses into how it all might work. First, however, the wearable itself. We saw several different models and many had Vuzix written somewhere on them. It appears that NTT DoCoMo has been working more closely on the software interfaces and real world applications, and so it didn’t really push (or even mention) technical specifications.

On the “Space Interface” demo, however, the headset paired a camera with an infrared sensor, both in the middle of the device, to gauge where your hands are. You could then interact with characters on screen, poke, push and pick them up and move ’em around. These are very early concepts, but DoCoMO’s already working to make these virtual objects shareable, allowing multiple people to manipulate the same thing. Darren embarrasses himself while playing with a virtual bear after the break. Oh, and we’ve got more on the wearable too. %Gallery-slideshow99595%

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Source:NTT DoCoMo

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