Krix Tryptix Speakers

Well how lucky can you be!  With the Astone Media Gear AP-360T creating all the interest on our site, we thought this would be an opportune time to review some audio associated items.  So when we were offered some top line speakers from, we jumped at the chance.

We’ve chosen the Tryptix as they are very versatile and have the ability to suit either a stand or a wall mount installation.  Using dual 100mm bass drivers and a 26mm super audio tweeter, we expect to be able to wow or worry the neighbours with some quality sounds.

The speakers come in high gloss black white or silver and so we are already sure they will fit right in with the decor.  But as to the neighbours’ verdict on quality, you’ll have to wait for the review as we can’t do that until we hook them up to our big “Yammy amp”. Well we did just  that see reviewed!