Leap Motion releases Free Form, an app that lets human hands sculpt digital clay (video)

When we reviewed the Leap Motion controller earlier this year, we found the application selection to be a bit lacking. Since then, the number of apps has doubled from 75 to around 150, and the Airspace store’s newest edition is the coolest Leap app we’ve yet seen. It’s called Free Form, and it’s a 3D sculpting app (not unlike 3D Systems’ Sculpt) built in house at Leap Motion that lets you manipulate and shape digital objects using your fingertips. David Holz, company co-founder and the man who figured out the math behind Leap Motion’s technology, gave us a demo of the app and talked a bit about why Leap built it. Additionally, he showed us a new developer beta software that does 360-degree tracking built to address some of the original Leap shortcomings.

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