Livestream releases software version of Studio video switcher, gives producers an even more portable option

Back when Livestream announced its Studio HD500 all-in-one, the company told us a software-based equivalent would be coming at some point during Q1 2013. Well, folks, today’s the day the Livestream Studio family grows by one, welcoming the addition of a software-based switcher tool that aims to be yet another on-the-go option for roving broadcasters. As expected, both professional and recreational producers will be able to control an array of elements from the comfort of their own machine — including, but not limited to, up to five live video output feeds (yes, it can handle HD) and a real-time, multi-view video canvas which allows for live transitions and audio mixing. It’s also worth noting Livestream isn’t constraining the Studio software to its own web platform, meaning that, as is the case with the HD500, streams can also be shared to third-party places like Ustream, Akamai and, you guessed it, YouTube Live.

In what’s perhaps the only caveat attached to this particular version, Livestream’s decided to make this release only compatible with Windows PCs that are coupled with a Blackmagic Design capture card. However, a company representative did tell us an OS X solution is indeed in the works and should be coming once the next iteration of the product gets launched — mum’s the word on when exactly that’ll be. All that aside, though, the new Studio version goes on sale around the world starting today for a cool $1,999 — a price tag which Livestream CEO Max Haot believes to be ideal so that “anyone can make their own production studio to mix, produce and go live instantly at an affordable price.”

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