Qstarz BT-Q1000Qstarz today introduced in their words: the world’s first travel recorder GPS Data Log BT-Q1000 in Computex Taipei.
What this means is that you have a track logger and a navigation device in one which can be integrated with Google Earth and has an endurance of 32 hours.  There are some very interesting features in this unit and we will have a full-on review for you pretty soon.  We do know that it will be available in a week’s time and will cost only USD $119.
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 Here’s the Press Release:


QSTARZ Launches the Travel Recorder G P S Data Log


Qstarz International Co., Ltd (QSTARZ), a leading provider of G P S & Bluetooth products, today introduced the world’s first travel recorder G P S Data Log BT-Q 1000 in Computex Taipei, 2007.

With QSTARZ travel recorder (BT-Q1000), you will be able to record your path where you been to and show it on Google earth to share with your friends. With bundle software, you have multi-choice to record your trip by easy setting.

After travel, you definitely have a lot pictures, you could record your path and use the software to show your pictures with GPS data on the Google earth. You will never forget where you took the pictures.

It’s also very convenient and efficient for truck, taxi and all kind of vehicle management and control.

The launch date is June 22, 2007.

The MSRP is USD $119

Detail product spec and special sales kit, pls check following.

About QSTARZ: QSTARZ INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd is a professional consumer GPS and Bluetooth products provider. We started our research, development, manufacturing and selling of GPS and Bluetooth .We do brand distribution and OEM worldwide.

 For more update products, pls visit Qstarz webiste at www.Qstarz.com
Product Features:
POI button: Record point of interesting by pushing the red button
Max to log: By time / Distance / Speed
Multi mode setting: For vehicle / Bicycle / Jog mode
3 level log mode: For Basic / Advance / Professional
100,000 waypoints: record up to 100,000 points
Dual LOG mode: Navigation or Log mode.
32 channel: Base on MTK chipset solution, can trace signals for 32 satellites simultaneously. The fast position fix,
cold start < 36 sec, hot start< 1 sec
32 hours: ultra low power consumption to navigate up to 32 hours。
Auto on-off function: Once inside the car, the receiver automatically connects with your PDA / laptop and turns
itself into sleeping mode when leaving the car (after about 30 sec.).