Steven Sinofsky starts a blog about shipping, continues telling epiclength tales

Steven Sinofsky has built a reputation for exceptionallythorough posts on technology, and he’s not about to stop just because of small roadblocks like his departure from Microsoft. The former executive plans to complement an upcoming teaching stint at Harvard Business School by writing Learning by Shipping, a blog discussing the finer points of product development in the technology world. Despite what some would presume, the blog won’t lean heavily on retold experiences from the Microsoft days, Sinofsky says. Instead, it’s more likely to react to industry goings-on and (hopefully) foster conversation. We’re looking forward to the first full-fledged post, although we’d suggest brewing some coffee before tackling whatever comes next: when even the introduction is a substantial body of work, there’s bound to be a few hefty tomes of knowledge coming our way.

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