Tesco puts its name to a budget 7-inch tablet in the UK: the £119 Hudl

Not content with flogging other people’s smartphones and tablets, now UK supermarket chain Tesco has become the latest to launch one of its own. Priced at £119 and available from September 30th, the Hudl features a 7-inch (1,440 x 900 pixel) display for watching those Blinkbox titles in 720p, quad-core 1.5GHz processor, stock Android 4.2.2, microSD expansion beyond the 16GB of internal storage and, according to Tesco, will last around 9 hours on a full charge. The device is slightly chubby and plasticky, as you’d expect, but it’s not some rebadge. Tesco says it worked directly with a manufacturer according to its own design. Also to its credit, the tablet feels sturdy, which seems to be a theme with certain Hudl-branded accessories too, including a pair of headphones and a rubbery case that are intended to be child-friendly. The retail giant says that it will offer double rewards on ClubCard vouchers, allowing customers to get the device for free if they have enough points for a £60 voucher. There’s also an offer coming on Blinkbox vouchers, designed to help boost the Hudle — we hear vouchers will be half-price next week, so you’ll be able to get £20 of content for a tenner.

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