DJI Phantom 2 Vision

One of the fastest developments of recent years has to be drone technology. Sure, the big stuff is driven by the military and surveillance needs but the consumer/prosumer market for camera-equipped UAVs is flourishing as never before.

I hasn’t been all that long since we test flew the DraganFlyer SAVS which had essentially the same capabilities as the new DJI Phantom 2 Vision but looked primitive and was a lot harder to fly. And much more expensive.

DJI has re-invented the market for small but extremely capable yet easy to handle aerial platforms. The original Phantom was a huge success and garnered a large following. Within a year DJI produced not only an upgrade but now also a totally new line of Phantoms. The DJI Phantom 2 Vision is the one with the integrated camera which is the one we will test over the coming weeks. We look forward to showing off its considerable capabilities in a series of reviews.

Check back soon!