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Readers of DigitalReviews would likely be aware that I have more than a little passing interest in photography.  Aside from point and shoot cameras supplied by supporters of the website, I have previously posted a review of the Canon EOS450D that I owned at the time.  Since then I have upgraded to a Canon EOS 7D which has been an excellent upgrade.  However I have been on the search for the “perfect” camera bag for what seems like forever.

Settling on the right camera bag for me has been quite a conundrum, after much research, shop testing and whatnot, I keep coming back to the ThinkTank Photo series of bags.  There is just something about their products that has put them right at the top of my list.  On a big plus side their social media guy Sime is on the ball and always approachable, it certainly helps when a company cares about their customer and embraces all the different channels where people may talk about your products.

Coming up to the festive season, ThinkTank Photo is doing some giveaways – an Airport Security v2.0 filled with goodies.  On top of that they are giving away a Retrospective bag every day leading up to Christmas.

The rules and entry for the competition is simple, for the daily prize you have to make them laugh.  For the major prize follow the link here.  Be warned though, their standards are high and the competition is fierce.