BlueAnt, headquartered in my stomping around of Melbourne Australia, has turned their sights on delivering exceptional sound at an affordable price to the home cinema experience.

Unveiling the BlueAnt XT100 Soundbar, it slots into the mid-market range with the goal of exceptional, immersive and crystal-clear sound.

BlueAnt XT100


The XT100 features the latest Dolby Atmos technology, delivering uncompromising and immersive sound at all volume levels, from the low sounds required of a documentary or drama, to the high volumes desired of a blockbuster film or sports experience. Requiring minimal set-up, the XT100 is ready to go the moment it’s plugged in, providing every loungeroom and home cinema an instant premium upgrade in audio quality and clarity.

Featuring Dolby Atmos and with a RRP of just $349.00, the speaker cuts against the grain of similar priced premium soundbars which often come packaged with a sub-woofer. The reason the XT100 does not is simple, according to BlueAnt CEO Taisen Maddern: it doesn’t need it.

Everything a subwoofer provides comes part and parcel with the XT100; simply put, it’s a beast, and it’s the affordable premium soundbar Australians have been crying out for,” he said. “We knew there was a need for a new player on the soundbar stage. Australians don’t just want a soundbar that’s slightly better than a TV speaker and has no punch.

They want to hear more and feel more when they invest in a soundbar. They want premium sound, and they want it to be louder than their TV speakers, and the market has been missing this with speakers in this price range.

The XT100 delivers supreme sound for sports, movies, music and the news alike, and at all volume levels – even at a volume that makes the walls shake.

BlueAnt XT100

Full Immersive Experience to Fill the Room for Any Audience

The XT100 is 2.0CH with Dolby Atmos 1.7 and is compatible with Dolby Vision, providing an immersive 3D listening experience both horizontally and vertically – in short, the sound follows the audience wherever they go and mitigates the need for additional speakers.

With HDMI eARC and CEC functionality, the sound is crystal clear, with no latency in audio delivery. And with CEC functionality ensuring the speaker automatically turns on and off with the TV, the XT100 is a simple-to-use yet powerful plug-and-play soundbar. Even the most tech-averse customer can install it and have a superior listening experience within minutes.

At just 2.5kg, its metal grill and high-gloss cabinet ensures it packs a premium feel and aesthetically fits in any environment, whether on display, mounted on the wall or under the TV cabinet and out of view. And with 2x 50W amplifiers built in along with the latest Dolby Atmos technology, sound quality isn’t compromised regardless of the position it finds itself.

Featuring four built-in and customisable EQ modes – Game, Movies, Music and Voice – audio neophytes and expert sound engineers alike will notice the difference in each engineered-for-purpose mode. From Game mode for Grand Finals to Movie mode for blockbusters, the audience will notice a consistent, immersive and clear sound quality throughout the experience.

“You can hear the crowds as well as the commentators in any sporting event, as well as the impacts on the court or field,” said Taisen. “We worked hard to ensure that no sound detracts from another.”

“It means that in Movie mode, viewers no longer have to turn down the sound when the action scenes hit and turn it up during monologues. It’s ready to go for anyone who wants to take the next step in their home cinema experience, and equally for those who know their stuff and want a return to the soundbar that focuses on superior sound.”

It’s also Bluetooth 5.1 capable (A2DP, AVRCP) and has an AUX cable option, allowing the speaker to become the de-facto party boombox for the loungeroom.

The XT100 is available from Telstra online and in selected stores across the country, direct from the BlueAnt website, and from select retailers.

BlueAnt XT100


Key Features

  • 2.0CH with Dolby Atmos for vertical surround
  • Dolby Atmos 1.7
  • Dolby Vision Compatible
  • HDMI eARC with CEC
  • AUX/Bluetooth 5.1
  • Optical/Coaxial/USB playback
  • LED indicator
    Metal Grill with High-Gloss Cabinet
  • Output Power: 50W RMS x2 = 100W


The company is also set to launch the next speaker in the X-series in the next few months – one that towers over all X-series speakers before it. “This is going to blow people away,” said Maddern. “Watch this space.