Developed locally in Australia by crack team of audio engineers and acknowledging the disparity between advanced 4k visual and audio technology in the desktop space, BlueAnt develops the Soundblade to bridge the gap between monitor speakers and the visual experience, allowing users to truly feel the content they are watching and listening to.

BlueAnt Soundblade


A Desktop Audio Powerhouse

Delivering thundering audio and deep bass, crystal-clear dialogue, rich music, and dynamic sound effects, the Soundblade provides an unparalleled auditory experience for its form factor.

BlueAnt Founder, Taisen Maddern, said “With the launch of the Soundblade, we’re not just pushing the boundaries in desktop audio technology; we’re redefining them. Our aim was to create a product that not only provides our customers with an epic cinematic sound experience at their desktop but also seamlessly integrates into the modern lifestyle. We believe we’ve achieved that with Soundblade’s unmatched sound quality and its elegant, space-efficient design.”

Innovative Acoustic Engineering: Power and Clarity

At the heart of the Soundblade’s exceptional 120W peak power audio performance lies its unique acoustic and driver design. Utilizing a powerful 80mm neodymium subwoofer, dual neodymium drivers, dual voice coils, and single cone racetrack drivers, the Soundblade amplifies the power output while maintaining lower distortion levels, ensuring that every note and sound effect is delivered with crystal-clear precision.

“We’ve harnessed this design and technology to produce a sound that’s not just heard but felt by the customer. This is our vision of bringing a cinematic audio experience right to your desktop, changing the way you interact with your favourite content.”

Cinematic Experiences and Enhanced Gaming

Streaming movie enthusiasts will appreciate a mini-cinema experience right at their desk, with the Soundblade capturing the full impact of cinematic storytelling.

For gamers, the Soundblade offers an unprecedented level of immersion. It delivers heightened realism and auditory detail, bringing virtual worlds to life and allowing gamers to not only play the game, but be in the game.

AI-Driven Content Creation and the Soundblade Experience

As AI continues to revolutionize content creation, we are witnessing an unprecedented surge in the variety and complexity of audiovisual media. AI algorithms are now capable of producing intricate and sophisticated video content, from hyper-realistic animations to AI-generated movies and music. This surge in diverse and high-quality content demands an audio experience that can do justice to the richness and depth that AI brings to media.

The Soundblade, with its advanced technology is perfectly positioned to meet this new era of content consumption. AI-generated content often features intricate soundscapes and nuanced audio details that traditional desktop audio solutions simply cannot capture. The Soundblade, however, is designed to handle this complexity, offering a depth and clarity of sound that elevates the AI-created content to new heights.

BlueAnt Soundblade

Award Winning Design

Envisioned as a beautifully crafted, sleek, low-profile device, The Soundblade complements and enhances any desktop setup. Its elegant form factor is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly under your existing monitor, creating a harmonious and unobtrusive addition to your workspace. This design philosophy underscores BlueAnt’s commitment to creating products that are not only functionally superior but also visually appealing, blending perfectly with the modern user’s lifestyle.

“The use of full range neodymium drivers allows for a more efficient and responsive audio experience. The integration of dual voice coils and racetrack drivers is a clever approach to enhance sound quality without compromising the sleek and slimline aesthetic of the device”, Maddern said.

Multiple Connection Options

The Soundblade offers a range of connectivity options to suit your needs. Whether you prefer the versatility of auto switching USB-C, Bluetooth convenience or the simplicity of a 3.5mm auxiliary input, the Soundblade seamlessly syncs with your laptop, MacBook, smartphone, or tablet.

The Soundblade emerges as a powerhouse desktop solution for AI generated and other audio content ranging from YouTube videos and Netflix series to immersive gaming sessions and streaming music.

Pricing and Availability

The BlueAnt Soundblade will be available on 18 January 2024, with a MSRP of AUD$299.00 and available in five colourways.