EPOS announces the available of four new ANC variants within the ADAPT 100 headset series. The new variants are designed to help today’s versatile professionals concentrate and boost productivity wherever they work.

With the on-going pandemic ushering in a new era of hybrid work (read our editorial here about the new workplace paradigm), a comfortable headset with excellent audio is an essential. EPOS ADAPT 100 has proven popular among workers negotiating the hybrid workplace. A stylish, comfortable headset it can be used in the office, on-the-go or while working remotely.

With the four new ADAPT 100 ANC variants, ADAPT 160T ANC USB, ADAPT 160T ANC USB-C, ADAPT 160 ANC USB, ADAPT 160 ANC USB-C, EPOS is adding yet more functionality for flexible workers. Both variants have Active Noise Cancellation which, when switched on, effectively blocks out distracting background noises instantly.


So regardless of the working environment, be it a busy office, working remotely or out and about on-the-go, users can stay focused on the task at hand. With high-quality audio on calls, great comfort and plug-and-play functionality as standard in the ADAPT 100 Series, the ADAPT 100 ANC variants provide another great function for boosting productivity at work.

The EPOS ADAPT 100 is priced under AUD$100 and without an end in sight to remote learning, it wouldn’t go astray for the kids either.