From strong screen protectors to trusty powerbanks, Belkin once again has consumers covered hot on the heels of Samsung Galaxy Unpacked.

As always Belkin has the goods to keep your new phone protected and charged up, not just for Samsung but for all your mobile needs. These are all available at Belkin Australia and other leading retailers.

SCREENFORCE TemperedCurve Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S22  | RRP AUD$39.95
Protect your Samsung Galaxy with a strengthened glass that extends at the edges for more complete coverage. Real glass maintains the look and feel of your phone’s screen while also preserving touch sensitivity. Finished with an anti-fingerprint coating, your screen maintains a flawless finish.

SCREENFORCE TemperedCurve Screen Protection for Samsung Galaxy S10e

SOUNDFORM Rise Bundle | RRP AUD$119.95
Enjoy great sound and battery life from your earbuds. Whether you’re listening to a playlist or placing a call, two microphones in each earbud ensure crystal clear sound while 7 hours of playtime per charge keeps you in your groove all day.

Soundform Rise Bundle

BOOST↑CHARGE Braided USB-C to USB-C Cable (1m / 3.3ft, Black) | RRP AUD$24.95
Tested to survive 10,000+ bends, and made with double braided nylon, these USB-C fast charge cables stand up to the most rigorous daily use so you don’t have to keep replacing them. And with a braided nylon exterior they’ve got the sturdiness to withstand just about anything. They’re also USB-IF certified to make sure you’ll always have a superior experience.

BOOST↑CHARGE™ Braided USB-C to USB-C Cable

BOOST↑CHARGE Power Bank 10K | RRP AUD$59.95
A 10,000 mAh power bank that provides up to 70 hours* of extra battery life. Designed to be versatile enough to keep up with every demand life throws at you. Charge up to three devices at the same time and recharge using the USB-C® port.

Boost Charge Powerbank 10k Multiport

BOOST↑CHARGE Dual Wireless Charging PadsRRP AUD$99.95
Prevent a bottleneck at your charging pad by doubling down. Take advantage of all the benefits of our industry-leading wireless charging technology, plus the convenience of charging two devices simultaneously.

BOOST↑CHARGE™ Dual Wireless Charging Pads 10W

BOOST↑CHARGE 15W Dual Wireless Charging Pads | RRP AUD$129.95
Double up on wireless charging pads and free up your counter or desk space for good. BOOST↑CHARGE™ Dual Wireless Charging Pads are designed for seamless compatibility with the latest smartphones, providing each phone up to 15W of power at the same time, and making them perfect for co-workers or families that use different devices.

BoostCharge Dual 15W Wireless Charging Pad

BOOST↑CHARGE PPS Wall Charger + USB-C to USB-C Cable 25W | RRP AUD$39.95
Get optimal charging speeds for Samsung and other smartphones with our USB-C charger. It’s USB-C PD 3.0 certified with PPS technology, safely charging your device with optimum power, all in a compact design. Includes a USB-C to USB-C cable.

BOOST↑CHARGE™ Wall Charger

BOOST↑CHARGE Dual Wall Charger with PPS | RRP AUD$34.95
Fast charge an iPhone or Samsung smartphone while you charge another device at the same time with our Dual USB-C Wall Charger 37W with PPS. Dual ports include a 25W USB-C port and a 12W USB-A port. Access optimal power of up to 20W for iPhone 12, 18W for iPhone 8 through iPhone 11, and 25W for Samsung* with the USB-C port.

BoostCharge Dual Wall Charger