According to research commissioned by Signify, 12% of Aussies would rather sit in the dark then change a light bulb at home.

For these 2 million Aussies, there is good news! Signify has launched the new Philips Ultra Efficient Range with a projected life span of 50,000 hours, or an incredible up to 50 years when used for almost three hours a day.

Philips Ultra Efficient Range

The launch of Signify’s Philips Ultra Efficient LED range means less lightbulb changes per household. Australians can say goodbye to more regular changes and hello to savings on their energy bill.

The range reflects Philips’ commitment to sustainability, and uses new technology to cut carbon emissions, reduce material waste and lower energy usage. Sustainability is not only important to Signify, who were certificated carbon neutral since September 2020, as the research also revealed that Australia’s appetite for sustainable energy is growing, with eight in ten (81%) Australians agreeing they are interested in more sustainable options when it comes to lighting solutions in their home.

The new Philips Ultra Efficient LED bulbs – which meet the high-quality Philips EyeComfort criteria – are the brand’s most energy-efficient lamps in this shape yet. Consumers can benefit from three times longer lifespan than Philips LED’s regular A-shape equivalents as the new bulbs are able to shine light for approximately 50,000 hours. This translates into an average lifetime of 50 years, which provides consumers with a smart investment in the long run, for both the planet and their purse.

These household pet peeves were shown to spur on some lazy habits around the house. Nine in ten (91%) Australians admitted to disliking household chores, with removing mould from bathroom tiles (51%), scrubbing the toilet (36%), cleaning out the guttering (32%), changing the bedding (27%) and cleaning out the fridge (27%) making up the top five most avoided jobs around the house – with 2 million Aussies (10%) looking to avoid changing light bulbs at home.

However, many confessed to slightly more unsavoury hacks when it came to dodging the tasks they tired of most, with 35% allowing their pets to eat dropped food on the floor rather than cleaning up, 48% eating out of cooking containers to avoid extra washing up and 29% leaving the bedding on for more than a month to avoid washing.

Signify’s research found it wasn’t just our own habits that can be considered faux pas, but those of our housemates and partners too with eight in ten (79%) saying their families/ those they live with have annoying habits; with leaving the lights on (34%), using too many pots and pans whilst cooking (29%), putting empties back in the fridge (25%) and leaving wet towels around the house (22%) proving a bone of contention across Australian households.

Figures quoted are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 1030 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 12th – 14th September 2022. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all Australian adults (aged 18+).

Philips Ultra Efficient Range

With so many seemingly keen to take shortcuts on tasks, Signify’s new Philips’ Ultra Efficient LED range can help cut out regular bulb changing, whilst adding atmospheric and mood lighting to the home – something also shown to be important to 60% of respondents.

Our passion for a better and more sustainable world pushed us to further innovate and increase the energy efficiency of our LED lighting. With this technological breakthrough, we created our most energy-efficient lamp in this shape yet, while maintaining the same high quality of LED lighting that our customers are used to,” says Michael Rombouts, Business Unit leader LED Lamps and Luminaires at Signify.

The new Philips Ultra Efficient LED lightbulb range is available nationwide from today in store and from from RRP $15.