The Nanoleaf Essentials Matter GU10 and the Essentials Matter Recessed Downlight are their latest Matter compatible products, completing the suite of Matter-Compatible Lighting.  The new Smart Bulbs are the company’s latest addition to their existing Matter-enabled line up, offering full RGBW capabilities, seamless smart controls and a simple setup.

Nanoleaf Essentials GU10

A Growing Essentials Matter Product Family

With the new Nanoleaf Essentials Matter GU10 and Recessed Downlight, users can enjoy functional bright whites and vibrant splashes of color throughout their home using seamless and reliable Matter technology. Working with Matter over Thread, the smart coulor changing LED Light Bulbs are simple to set up, and easy to control. The new Bulbs continue to expand Nanoleaf’s suite of Matter-enabled lighting (which currently includes an A19 and Lightstrip), to help you seamlessly outfit your entire home with dynamic smart lighting experiences.

Easily adjust brightness, set Schedules via smart home app and play unique lighting Scenes to create the ideal ambience for different activities and occasions. All Nanoleaf Essentials Matter lighting products can be grouped in the Nanoleaf App or with your preferred smart home ecosystem to work together for the utmost convenience and ease.

The Essentials Matter line runs over Thread to offer lightning fast speeds and greater reliability using a mesh network. Light up your living room, work space, bedroom, kitchen and entertainment areas with a full range of white lighting (colour temperatures from 2700-6500K and up to 2200 lumens) and over 16M vibrant colours to choose from.

Nanoleaf Essentials Downlight

Simplifying your smart lighting controls and customisations is easier than ever before with Matter. Use your preferred smart home platform (Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung SmartThings) to set up and sync your products, and enjoy the convenience of easy lighting adjustments across multiple devices using Matter’s Multi-Admin features. This empowers every member of your household to personalise the lighting according to their preferences and activities.

The GU10 and Downlight are available now for pre-order at and retail for AUD$99.99 (GU10 3PK) and AUD$54.99 (Downlight). Both products will be available in a range of retailers in the coming months.

Matter-Compatibility requires a Matter compatible smart home hub and iOS/tvOS 16.5+ or Android OS 8.1+ to connect to a smart home ecosystem.