2024 is aiming to be a big year for Swann with the unveiling of their ground breaking line-up of cutting-edge security products at CES 2024.

Swann CEO, Alex Talevski, expressed enthusiasm stating, “CES 2024 marks a significant milestone for Swann, as we continue to revolutionise the way people perceive and prioritise safety. Our latest range of products underscores our commitment to innovation, ensuring unparalleled security for our customers.

The event will showcase Swann’s commitment to pioneering advancements in smart security, introducing products that redefine safety standards for homes and individuals across the globe.

Spanning across diverse security needs, Swann’s latest launches include:

MaxRanger4K Longest Range Wireless Solar Security System

With a long-range capability of up to 200 metres using HaLow Wi-Fi technology, this system provides maximum security for larger properties, homes, farms, and small businesses. The wireless cameras are equipped with Sony STARVIS sensors to offer exceptional 4K video quality both day and night and are ‘forever charged’ thanks to built-in solar panels. True Detect AI technology ensures proactive sensing of heat, motion, people, and vehicles, providing smart alerts and triggering recording. Its superior Wi-Fi strength penetrates obstacles, such as walls and ceilings, for more reliable coverage and fewer signal dropouts. Equipped with 2, 3 or 4 cameras and a hub, each camera has sensor spotlights, sirens, 2-way audio, and mobile alerts.

Swann MaxRanger4k


Pan & Tilt 4K Wireless Security Camera

With 4K Ultra HD video quality, True Detect AI technology, and dual spotlights for added deterrence and Night2Day™ colour night vision, this camera provides exceptional security for both indoor and outdoor use. Boasting an extremely long battery life requiring charging only every six months or utilising solar power, users enjoy uninterrupted surveillance. The ability to pan and tilt the camera remotely using a smartphone provides flexibility and control. With its wide 90° viewing angle, 2-way audio, siren functionality, weatherproof design, and seamless recording even during power or internet outages, this camera ensures comprehensive security coverage without the need for a hub.

Swann Pan& Tilt 4K


ActiveResponse Personal Safety Alarm

Offers instant assistance at the press of a button during stressful situations. This compact and lightweight aluminium case pairs seamlessly with a smartphone via Bluetooth, connecting users with emergency services and their network of family and friends through the Swann Security app. With an easy-to-use interface, users can activate a loud 110 decibel siren by pulling the emergency pin, ensuring immediate help in critical scenarios. The long battery life powered by a CR2 battery makes it an ideal safety companion, easily carried around on a keyring, in a pocket, or bag for added security. This product was recognised as an Honoree at the CES 2024 Innovation Awards in the Smart Home category

Swann ActiveResponse Swann ActiveResponse


HomeShield AI Security Voice Concierge

Swann’s HomeShield AI Security Concierge is a powerful AI-driven voice software service that acts as a personal security assistant, enhancing the functionality of Swann video doorbells, cameras, and devices. Through natural interactions, HomeShield™ automatically responds to visitors, accepts deliveries, screens unfamiliar guests, and welcomes friends and family. This AI-driven voice assistant creates the impression of an active presence at home, proactively implementing deterrent services for enhanced security. This product was recognised as an Honoree at the CES 2024 Innovation Awards in the Smart Home category.

Swann HomeShield Doorbell


Swann has also made some significant upgrades to some of its most popular products, including:

AllSecure4K+ Wireless Security Kit

Upgrading from 2K capabilities, this kit includes up to four wireless cameras for continuous coverage and security in stunning Ultra HD. With an easy charging bay behind the Power Hub, users experience no downtime, thanks to the spare battery that allows for easy swapping or powering the system for up to 5 hours during outages. Offering 4K video capabilities, sensor spotlights, and 2-way audio, this kit delivers comprehensive security. The Power Hub supports local recording to a 1TB HDD for up to 8 years rolling, ensuring ample storage for footage. Users can expand the kit by adding up to four extra cameras, providing a maximum of eight, for extended coverage and security.

Swann AllSecure4k+


SwannBuddy4K Wireless Video Doorbell

Elevate your home’s entrance security with the SwannBuddy4K Wireless Video Doorbell, offering an enhanced video doorbell experience. This state-of-the-art doorbell features 4K video quality, an extended battery life lasting up to 6 months between charges, and an optional hardwire setup for power from existing doorbell wires. With no ongoing fees, users benefit from free alerts, cloud storage, and a 32GB MicroSD card for local storage. The built-in mic and speaker enable 2-way audio for seamless communication with visitors. Its unique ‘heat to toe view’ ensures a comprehensive perspective, capturing faces of visitors and objects on the ground. The wire-free design, complemented by a rechargeable battery, ensures uninterrupted recording even during internet outages.



Xtreem4K Wireless Camera with Spotlights

The Xtreem4K Wireless Camera with Spotlights is designed for uncompromising security, boasting a 100% wireless setup for easy installation. Featuring True Detect AI technology, this camera senses heat, motion, people, and vehicles for smart alerts and recordings. Its integrated spotlights, sirens, and 2-way audio capability serve as strong deterrents and ensure better Night2Day colour night vision. With 4K Ultra HD video recording capabilities, extremely long battery life (requiring charging only once every 120 days or using solar panels), and a wide viewing angle of 110°, this camera captures every detail within its field of vision. Its secure screw-in mount allows for outdoor installation, and users benefit from real-time alerts, cloud storage, and a 32GB MicroSD card for local storage, all without any subscription fees.

Swann Xtreme4k