Having built a fiercely loyal following after a series of successful Kickstarter campaigns and roughly 90% of their backers being repeat backers. Mobile Pixels has launched their innovative DUEX range of portable laptop monitors to the Australian market.

MobilePixels Deux Plus

From a simple spark of genius that has since witnessed several ultra successful Kickstarter campaigns. It was a product drawn from a personal need, Jack Yao, Co-Founder, first began on the journey that would become Mobile Pixels while working from home he began feeling strangely nostalgic about his monitor setup at his previous job. Frustrated by a lack of a second monitor, he made the first Mobile Pixels prototype out of an old laptop monitor.

Mobile Pixels has effectively found a way to bridge the gap between efficiency, mobility and desktop ergonomics, all critical in today’s working environment.

MobilePixels Duex Lite

The last few years have found many drastically adjusting to a new era of working conditions, with versatility and convenience reigning supreme for those now working from home or in a hybrid situation. With these new working styles, along with collective working hubs and shared desks, Mobile Pixels is the perfect tool in this new work era.

Allowing users to forget about the hefty costs associated with an external monitor, Mobile Pixels simple screen extension nearly doubles users screen space without needing any additional desk space. The light weight screen, which is easily attached by magnets to an existing laptop, presents itself in a compact and elegant design that works with any laptop, making it the perfect productivity accessory for those that want the freedom to work from anywhere.

MobilePixels Duex Max

The range features a number of comfort features including built in eye care mode meaning users can reduce blue light emissions and avoid headaches even after hours on the device. Additionally, the DUEX Plus & DUEX Max both have an auto rotate feature allowing users to switch between a left-side setup and a right-side setup seamlessly. Mobile Pixels DUEX transforms any laptop into a dual screen setup.

DUEX series comparison

The DUEX range provides consumers with multiple options when selecting their optimal portable second screen, containing three of Mobile Pixels wider range, the DUEX Lite, Plus & Max. The DUEX Lite is the most affordable option, weighing in at under 600 grams and boasting a 12.5” screen, it retails for $499. The DUEX Plus possesses a 13.3” screen and retails for $549. The DUEX Max is the premium option with a 14” screen and retailing for $599.

Available at JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, Harvey Norman, Amazon, Mwave & Rosman Computers. All versions are available in Grey & Navy.