Introducing Curve SE

The Twelve South laptop stands are a favourite amongst DRN editors. Now they have launched an entry-level edition with the Twelve South Curve SE.

Curve SE elevates your laptop for more ergonomic comfort while lifting your laptop’s  camera to eye level for better-looking video calls. Twelve South’s latest addition features all of the cornerstones that make the brand so special, boasting premium design and materials  that will complement most laptops and workspace aesthetics.

Twelve South Curve SE

Level up your comfort

Curve SE elevates your laptop screen to eye level reducing neck strain. Now imagine this.  Park your laptop atop Curve SE, add a full-size keyboard, mouse and an even an external  monitor. Just like that, you have a significantly more comfortable, more efficient command  center. When it’s time to take your laptop, just unplug and go.

Ergonomics 101

Long hours hunched over your laptop can be a pain in the neck, literally. Curve SE helps  prevent that pain by elevating your laptop screen an ergonomic standard 6.5 inches off your  desk. When you sit up straight and look directly at your screen, you’ll feel less tension in  your neck and shoulders, allowing the ideas to flow out of you. The way it should be.

Add Curve SE for an eye-level screen & better looking video calls:

  • Elevates your screen to a healthier, more ergonomic height
  • Lifts your webcam to eye level for better-looking video calls
  • Pair with an external display for the perfect dual-screen setup
  • Silver aluminum finish complements most laptops
  • Curve SE completes the Twelve South Curve family (for now), with an RRP of AUD$79.95