Sick of having to plug your phone in for Android Auto to work? Maybe you just want to save a battery cycle from constant charging. The Motorola MA1 wireless car adapter for Android Auto has now launched locally in Australia.

Australians are returning to the road following the pandemic and now, more than ever, want to be connected while out-and-about. Whether taking advantage of working from anywhere, setting off on a holiday adventure, or ferrying a busy family around, the Motorola MA1 wireless adapter for Android Auto connects seamlessly, enabling drivers focus on the road ahead.

Motorola MA1Motorola MA1

Once you’ve plugged this nifty little device into your car’s USB port, your phone will automatically connect with your car screen. No app to download or settings to change. The days of plugging-and-unplugging your phone USB cable every journey will be gone for good!

Android Auto is supported by more than 500 car models in Australia – many of which require connecting a mobile device to the vehicle infotainment system using a USB cable. The Motorola MA1 is an ideal solution for drivers who want to experience a seamless wireless connection but do not have the factory-supplied technology that allows them to do so. Afterall, we change our phones much more frequently than we change our cars!

This simple plug-and-play adapter provides a seamless connection to existing Android Auto-capable infotainment systems, making it easier than ever to safely access maps, media and messaging apps while on-the-go.

The Motorola MA1 leverages technology from Google that makes it simple for users to connect and get things done via voice activation. A quick “Hey Google” enables users to easily send messages, get directions, control media and more.

Motorola MA1

With its lightweight, sleek design the Motorola MA1 wireless car adapter for Android Auto™ delivers fast media transmission and quick, automatic connection using Wi-Fi. With no wires and no fuss, the device is easy to set up and use, simply plug, pair and play.

To wirelessly use Android Auto on the car display, the vehicle must be compatible with Android Auto, and paired with an Android smartphone running Android 11 or higher, with an active data plan. Users can check Android Auto car compatibility at

The Motorola MA1 is available for RRP $159 from Amazon and selected Telstra stores.