They’re light, they’re intuitive and dare I say it, sexy.   Jabra Elite 3 earbuds have arrived, punching above their weight and landing smack bang in the middle of the audio Goldilocks zone.

The rich, full bass, customisable sound and multitude of mics (4!) bring clarity and depth to each and every listening experience, whether calls, music or podcasts.   The noise cancelling ability means you can focus on your music or call without fear of interruption from external factors. Unless you want to that is…

Sleek Danish design straight from Copenhagen, the colour choices and optimum finish is spot on, with the bonus of real buttons to provide greater control on the go.

Jabra Elite 3… Jeg tror, Jeg elsker dig!*

Customisable Sound

We’ve all had those crappy earbuds which make music sound like it’s been filtered through a brick. So you’ll absolute lovely the class-leading customisation via the Sound+ app. The 6mm speakers pack an absolute punch to rival more expensive competitors. But what I love the most is that these little earbuds leave other brands in their wake when it comes to clarity, tone and richness of sound.  All music genres sound wonderful, calls are without fault and I simply don’t want to remove them from my ears.

The bass is glorious as usual.  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I find the sound quality of all Jabra products on par or better than the expensive Bose headphones I used to have at work. Now it’s Jabra the whole way, no excuses.

The five audio pre-sets currently on offer will be extended in the future, with further updates in the pipeline. Judging by other Jabra Sound+ app product options as per my previous reviews, this will only further enhance the listenability of the already excellent Elite 3 earbuds. Watch this space! 


With the Elite 3, you’re spoilt for choice with four distinct colours available: Lilac, Dark Grey, Light Beige and Navy.  I have the Dark Grey and they’re very professional looking.  The Elite 3’s also come with three additional ear sockets of varying sizes, which make choosing the right fit for your ears a simple interchange until they feel right.  The addition of R and L on the earbuds help to keep any mix ups at bay. For those who constantly forget which is which *looks innocent, this is very handy.

Noise Isolation and HearThrough Technology

Built for quiet, not just sound, the Elite 3 earbuds provide a complete immersive experience.  Look on them as a holiday for your ears from the interruptions of the outside world.

The Elite 3 earbuds are smart too.  The HearThrough Technology (enabled via Sound+) ensures external sounds such as landline telephones, train announcements are played through your ears too.    Jabra spruik HearThrough as letting the right sounds in and I can confirm they work well. I used my Elite 3’s to listen out for my builder as he was hammering away in my new kitchen and occasioning yelling out to me.  Note to self: hammering is the ultimate audio test. But I digress.

Mono Mode & Battery

You now have the option to charge one earbud whilst using the other. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than running out of battery and having to wait for both to charge.  With the option of cycling your earbuds, your battery essentially extends to 24/7.

The fast charge of 10 minutes for one hour of playback ensures these fully charged earbuds will give you an impressive 7 hours of listening pleasure.  The case contains 28 hours of charge which is very handy when you’re out and about. Or just as easily, place one earbud in the case and alternate them in mono mode if need be. As for standby… how does 75 days sound? Jabra deliver yet again!

Call Quality

The Elite 3 has four microphones which ensure crystal-clear calls.    In the spirit of adventure in the time of Covid, I was limited to trialling this feature whilst walking on my own, sitting in a room with background noise on my own and finally, whilst a passenger in a car (remarkably not on my own).   Can confirm calls are clear and there’s no drama either receiving or making calls. My call receiver could hear me clearly and vice versa. There was a small issue I cover in Observations but nothing major that was not easily fixed.


IOS and Android owners, the Elite 3 has you covered. Siri®, Google AssistantTM are all Voice assistant enabled.    Android phone owners will love how the Elite 3 gives you the best of all worlds.  From instantly asking Alexa about the weather, pairing with Google Fast Pair or a one-touch Spotify playback, you don’t need to touch your phone. Jabra Elite 3 does it all!

Tough Stuff

Speaking of weather… it’s raining! It’s pouring! IT DOESN’T MATTER!

With an IP55-rated rainproof protection and your two year warranty, you’re covered against dust and water failure. So once you buy these beauties, register via the Jabra Sound+ app registration page and you’re set.

The Elite 3’s can operate in all weather extremes, with a slated -5°C  to 45°C. Storage temps can go as low as -20°C.  Where I live we regularly get down to around -10°C so I’ll let you know in the future how they deliver but you’ll have to wait until Winter 2022.


  • Connectivity – Bluetooth 5.2
  • Bluetooth profiles – A2DP v 1.3, AVRCP v1.6, HFP v1.7, HSP v1.2
  • Operating Range – up to 10m/33ft
  • Paired devices – Up to 6 devices
  • Auto power on/off – On when earbuds are out of charging case; Off after 15 minutes without connection; or 30 minutes without activity

Fit & Comfort

They’re very comfortable, not too small and not too big – yes, we’re back in the Goldilocks zone again.  The in-ear true wireless earbuds come with extra EarGelsTM in large, medium and small. Made of silicon, I can confirm they’re just right, don’t slip off and are easily interchanged if need be. Like all small parts, keep them away from children and pets… but you knew that already.

Product Support

Jabra provide comprehensive support through the Sound+ app which includes user information, video tutorials, FAQ’s and so on.  Alternatively, you can head over to the Jabra Australia website and check out their product support page. Everything you need to know is there and the opportunity to check out the FAQs.   And if you’re super observant, there may even be a discount code lurking somewhere on the page (stares at bottom left corner nudge nudge).


I did notice that activating HearThrough technology whilst making a call impacted somewhat upon sound levels.  This was easily rectified by turning off HearThrough via the Sound+ app.  So if your call sounds a tad tinny, open the Sound+ app and tweak sound options until you hit that perfect tone.

Initially I had some trouble syncing the earbuds with my laptop. I fiddled around, turning Bluetooth on and off a few times and finally rebooted twice.  Still nothing which was a little frustrating. Yet lo and behold the Elite 3’s were visible the next day, innocently staring at me in my device list. Since then no dramas and no connectivity issues.


I wholeheartedly recommend the Jabra Elite 3. This excellent audio offering from Jabra is your number one choice if you’re after affordable earbuds with great sound, useful features and superb battery life.

Jabra’s dedication to excellence continues to impress and at $119.00 RRP, they’re the ultimate must-have earbuds. Easily set up and simply sync’d with devices, the Elite 3 is an unbeatable combination of individualised connectivity, sound quality combined and stylish Danish workmanship.

Can’t decide which colour? Buy one of each! It isn’t often you get a premium audio product at such a reasonable price. Christmas is almost upon us and the Jabra Elite 3 would be an ideal gift for anyone who loves their music/calls and the opportunity to tweak their sound to their own needs.  Available at JB HiFi, Jabra, Amazon and all other tech retailers who know when they’re onto a good thing.

So get out there and get them in your earholes – you can thank me later. At this price and with such high quality, the Jabra Elite 3 earbuds are going to be a hot commodity for the foreseeable future.

Thank you Jabra for the opportunity to trial the Elite 3 earbuds.


*Translation from Danish: I think I love you!