Jabra Elite 65tDigitalReviews.Net would like to welcome a new editor to our site. Affectionately known to our editor-in-chief as Ida “Lothbrok”, she is our very own Viking shield-maiden ready to write about her experiences with various products we review. As everyone is different, so is our use cases for products that we review. Ida has a passion for sustainability and environment. More importantly she will add a female’s perspective to DRN, bringing balance to the force.

This is Ida’s take on the Jabra Elite 65t.


Before we start, a confession: for the last few months, I’ve been using headphones which have, on occasion, given me electric shocks INSIDE my ears. In other words, I’m not very picky when it comes to the headphones I use. Now that that is out of the way, let us start.

Jabra Elite 65t are good headphones. They’re good. The sound is good, they’re easy to use and they’re not hideous to look at. However, with that said, there are a few little things I do not love.

Firstly, they are too big for my ears. This could very well be because I am not a very big person and hence, doesn’t have very big ears, but I kept feeling like they might fall out of my ears (which they did a few times) but if I pushed them in further, they would hurt.

This leads me to the second thing I do not love. They’re just a little bit too bulky. The fit is designed to cover the entry to your ear canal, surely to increase noise cancellation abilities, but the most prominent effect for me was that I could not wear them for extended periods of time, or I would be uncomfortable and in pain. Again, it’s likely this can be contributed to my small ears, but it is my personal experience.

Another point I would make is how the price cannot be justified due to the many, MANY, issues the headphones came with. The Jabra Elite 65t have super convenient navigation tools on the side but in my experience, they work sporadically. For example, pausing/playing music was a great feature but using the button to turn volume up/down came with a type of shriek which sounded like a possessed demon in my ear which, I will be honest, scared the living daylight out of me the first time it happened. Unfortunately, the first time wasn’t the last and the issue persisted.

Assuming the technical issues were not prevalent, the one fatal flaw I cannot forgive is how you have to use both headphones for them to work, taking one earbud results in the sound in the other giving out. Not being able to take one earbud out while paying at a register, or while attempting to achieve the perfect “I’m-busy-don’t-talk-to-me-look” while also staying aware of my surroundings is unforgivable to me. Had I been able to store it in my bra I could have overcome the issue, but moving the earbud below my collarbone would result in the sound simply cutting out which is too inconvenient to be acceptable.

When the headphones worked, they were good (with the exception of not being super comfortable) but to be honest, had I paid for these, I would have been disappointed but for any usage under an hour, I’m choosing to use the Jabra Elite 65t rather than my electrifying option.