RX31 Earphone PlugThere are many options available when it comes to earphones. We can expect to easily find some available from the big brand names, but there also seem to be quite a few offerings from smaller companies as well. It seems like many of the big brand name earphones are more focused on their higher end models, leaving their ‘budget’ products somewhat neglected and end up being mediocre at best.

Today, we will be reviewing two products from a ‘smaller’ company called MEElectronics. You may or may not have heard of the company, but their portfolio of earphones range from $11.99 to $89.99 with the majority being somewhere in the middle. With their diverse product line that is affordable and seems to raise the bar for ‘budget’ earphones, they are definitely a company to consider when buying your next pair of earphones. Today, we will be reviewing two earphones from MEElectronics, the M31 and RX11.

The RX11 comes in a unique red and black style which gives the product a trendy look. I like the 3.5mm connector which is angled in such a way that it feels like I am putting less pressure on the wire when plugging in and out of a device.

The wire is slightly thin, soft, and very flexible. Since the wire does feel a bit soft, we’ll have to see over time how the wire holds up. The actual earphones are fairly small and are also tilted at a slight angle probably to provide a better fit in the ear.
The rubber tips are a bit thin, but they do seem durable enough. The rubber tips create a seal in the ear that naturally blocks out outside noise. So if you have a lot of environmental noise, these will help you to tune them out and focus on your music. It won’t block out all sounds completely, but will at least help reduce ambient noise significantly. 
MEElec RX31 EarphonesI tried sampling various kinds of music with the earphones. I found the sound on the RX11 to be generally good. The bass is punchy and strong without being overpowering. Voices and highs are fairly clear and you can distinguish sounds easily.   Most users will enjoy the quality of sound this offers.
MEElec RX31 EarphonesThe M31 is slightly different. The earbuds are made of aluminum giving the product a higher quality feel and weight. The two-tone color scheme gives the product a colorful and fun look. 
MEElec M31 Two Tone EarphonesThe cord is also soft and flexible. The rubber is generally clear and you can see the micro braiding of the wire inside. The wire is made in such a way to resist tangles. If you were to squeeze or compress the wire, you will notice the wire try to expand and straighten a bit when letting go. 
MEElec M31 CableThe sound on these earphones were also good.  Along with the punchy bass, these earphones seem to have more emphasis on the highs. Voices are a tad clearer compared with the RX11 and there is a better spatial feel of the sounds. I found these earphones to excel especially well for instrumental music. The rhythm of the instruments and the clear highs make the instruments really stand out.  When comparing the M31 and RX11, I found the soundstage to be a bit more spatial on the M31 making the location of sounds sound a bit more natural.
MEElec  M31 Earphones ProductKeep in mind that the pictures you see in this review are mainly to focus on the product itself and didn’t include the original packaging. So what you are seeing is mainly the core product. Also, because these earphones are meant to go fairly deep into your ear, you will need to keep in mind that these products will require a clean ear if you want to keep the earbuds clean and maintain them.
The M31 is available at meelec.com for the price of $44.99. The RX11 is available for $24.99. It was hard to criticize these products. They offer excellent quality and very affordable prices. Given MEElectronics’ portfolio, I think it can be hard for a consumer in deciding which one to buy. For example, one pair of earphones may cost $10 – $20 compared with another one. I’m sure many are unclear on what justifies the extra cost. I would like to see the company better differentiate that so people understand what they are getting. Other than that, I would highly recommend these two products. If you listen more to bass-heavy music, I’d go for the RX11. If you’re looking for crisper highs, I’d choose the M31.
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The RX11 will be available anytime between late February through mid March and the M31 will be available early February.