foxLHot on the heels of our Unison B-XT Bluetooth review, we bring you a quick review of the foxL portable Bluetooth Personal Audiophile Loudspeaker.

Read on for our review.

Apart from the $249 price tag, the foxL Bluetooth Audiophile Loudspeaker sets itself apart from other similarly sized speakers in one major way: Its amazing sound quality. Don’t let the foxL’s 143 x 55 x 33mm dimensions and fool you, the sound that comes out of this thing should in no way be compared to other speakers this size. While the unit isn’t particularly loud, its output is extremely clear. At reasonable volumes the foxL’s unique bass battery coupled with its two 1 inch speakers (dubbed Twoofers) produce enough bass to create a clear, warm, analogue style sound.

During our time with the unit, we played back a variety of music typed through the unit – both via its 3.5mm input and its Bluetooth interface – and it all sounded great. Bluetooth reception was good and we experienced no dropouts within its standard ten metre range. We also found the internal Lithium Ion battery to be up to the task, with a single charge lasting in excess of 3-4 hours.




And if high quality playback wasn’t enough, the foxL also proved capable when used as a handsfree Bluetooth speaker – including built in microphone.

– Battery Life: up to 5 hours
– Power: 4W x 2 <0.1%THD, 5V in 2W x 2 <0.1%THD, 3.6V in
– Output Level: 95dB @ 0.5m, 5V 92dB @ 0.5m, 3.6V
– Freq. Response: 80Hz-20kHz (DIN 4500)
– Connections: power in, audio in, sub out
– AC Adapter: 5V 2A Max 10W
– Accessories: included: AC adapter, USB cable, 3.5mm audio cable, pouch, wrist strap
– Dimensions: 143 x 55 x 35 mm (5.6 x 2.2 x 1.4 inch)
– Weight: 269 gram (9.5 oz) – Bluetooth 2.0 ADP2

At its current price of $249AU, the foxL is not cheap. Its sound does match its price however, and this is certainly a rare case of getting what you pay for. For its size, the foxL is great, but at this price point, there are plenty of larger speakers that can produce similar sound. Where the foxL has a niche is in its size and battery powered portability. We know of no speaker system (at any price) that can offer this level of audio quality, size and portability.
While it might be pricey, in terms of audio quality, the foxL punches way above its weight.


Sounds great – but you pay for what you get. Despite the horrendous Australian Dollar, the foxL is currently holding at $249AU (Bluetooth) $199AU (standard) but be quick, our understanding is that these prices will change as soon as current stock runs out.

For more information visit the Australian foxL website