The Brother P-Touch Cube PT-P300BT goes where no personal
label maker has gone before.

With you, everywhere.

The small P-Touch Cube gives you the power to create labels on the go, no matter where you are.
Files names for work? Label it!  Labels for your child’s school stationery? Print it!
Iron on clothing name tags for every day? Print and iron it!

Whisper quiet, elegant and sleek, the P-Touch Cube is the everyday user-friendly answer to your organisational needs.


Getting started

The P-Touch Cube requires either six AAA replaceable batteries or you can purchase separately the Brother Power Adaptor (Product code: BRAD5000).  Access to the battery compartment is simply a case of taking off the base of the P-Touch Cube. Battery positions are clearly marked. Replace the base of the machine and power up with the small button on the side (it’s the only one so you can’t miss it).


P-touch Design&Print 2 App

Next, download the P-touch Design&Print 2 for P-Touch Cube (Apple and Android compatible).

Once installed, the app walks you through the pairing process.  It takes a few seconds to identify the machine but once recognised, will show the series number in the top right of the app.   I had a couple of pairing dropouts initially but, once I’d updated the firmware, had no more problems.


Tape Selection

Next step is to place the tape in the machine which is very straightforward.  Similar to the base battery placement, gently pull the top off the P-Touch Cube.  You can then place the tape in the top of the P-Touch Cube and it will automatically load ready to print.

You are now ready to label!


A selection of ready made print-ready templates and frames starts you off.  It was also very easy to design my own label and save it.

Thanks to the Design&Print app, creating labels is a breeze.

  • Decide whether you’d like to design your own (clearly marked at the bottom on the app screen) or tap on one of the templates.
  • Next, customise the settings to fit your chosen tape. size, material and width.
  • Once you’ve decided on the label you’d like to create and print, tap the tape and start typing.
  • Cutting is simple: press inwards the lever on the corner and you’re done.


Vast Tape Selection

When my children were in primary school, I would send away for iron on labels which cost an arm and a leg for the different iron on/vinyl packs. I seriously wish I’d had the handy P-Touch Cube back then; school life would have been far easier. And cheaper.

The P-Touch Cube comes with a TZe 231 black on white starter tape measuring 12 mm x 4 m. This is more than enough to get you started. But if you’re after some variety, label choices include: iron on materials labels,  ribbon labels,  coloured labels and clear labels.

The attached link will take you to the Brother website where you can check out the label catalogue:

Let’s Get Organised!

The first task was to create cable labels for every single cable wending its way out from behind the entertainment unit.  The sense of satisfaction upon completing this organisational exercise was indescribable. It looked neat and tidy and I could actually tell the cables apart. No simple feat when they’re all the same colour.

It was incredibly easy to type and press print, the guide lines providing a set area in which to trim the front of your label if so desired. But, because I was labelling cables, I left this extra bit of tape in place because you know, aesthetics.

My kitchen is currently non existent due to renovations so accessing packed away food containers was problematic. Never fear, labels have been made for when the pantry is installed. And then labels were made for all the things including unimpressed pets.


Brother have given the P-Touch Cube an amazing selection of text fonts and clipart.

Stylise your labels with script, cursive or banners,  frame your labels however you like or keep text plain yet stylish.

The clipart options include everything from animals, plants and sport to Music/Electronics, Garden and Kitchen and more.

The P-Touch Cube allows your child (or child within the adult) to choose their own pictures and with a single tap add them to the label.  The printing is legible and in every label I printed with a picture, not one was blurred/fuzzy or incomplete.

Technical Specifications


Label Quality and Sticky Factor

The P-Touch Cube has a small window through which you can view the tape cartridge. This allows you to check how much tape remains and also to tell you what sort of tape is currently installed.

The test labels with which I was provided were a very good quality vinyl clear tape. The print quality was consistently excellent; there were no missed letters or smudged lines.

The label had a horizontal split label backing and I was able to easily remove this without much fuss, even with short fingernails.  It adhered easily and without any dramas, even when I mismatched I was still able to peel off the offending area and realign it with no dramas.

The only draw back was I used the entire roll of tape and I still had more to label.


  • Whilst the P-Touch Cube is compatible with any apple or android phone, it cannot be tethered to a pc or Mac with a USB cable.  This really not a draw back as, let’s face it, everyone is practically attached at the hip to their phones these days.  And whether you’re out and about or at home, it’s a lot easier to tap the app and hit print than start up, plug in and open apps on the pc.
  • There were a few pairing issues initially which was frustrating. However, updating the firmware resolved these issues.
  • If you’re after a bulk label printer, this is not for you.


You’ll find a use for the Brother P-Touch Cube almost every day.  It’s wonderful for labelling everything you need to label and that which you’ve never considered labelling.

The Brother P-Touch Cube is an excellent entry level home, class room or small office labeller. It is quick, robust and the supporting app is glitch free. You barely need the instructions, it is that easy to use.  Don’t let the kids near it though; they’ll have so much fun they’ll use all the tape and the cat may never recover.

DRN would like to thank Brother for providing the P-Touch Cube to review.  The Brother P-Touch Cube and tape accessories are available at all reputable electrical/stationery retailers for RRP$79.99 for the P-Touch Cube and $24.95 upwards for a variety of suitable tapes. In the P-Touch Cube, Brother have created the must have labeller for every home, office and classroom.

Now please excuse me whilst I head out to buy my own P-Touch Cube.  You simply can’t get a better endorsement than that!