The BLUETTI EB3A Portable Power Station provides sustainable power in a compact and affordable unit.

Designed to power your lifestyle, no matter your location, the EB3A is a reliable energy alternative for the environmentally conscious.

Last year we drove and swagged our way around Australia for two months, using a portable power station to support our energy needs. So in light of this,  I’ve some decent comparative knowledge of a power station’s capabilities, and the variety of ways in which one can be charged and utilised.  The EB3A is certainly a great comparative portable power station, and I’m looking forward to exploring its capabilities.



Unpacking the BLUETTI EB3A was a nice experience. The cardboard is recyclable (although it is stated on the packaging you will need it to return the unit in the event of any issues) and there were a few cords in the box to support charging on various devices.

Great to see the AC Charging Cable and the addition of a Solar Charging Cable. You can also buy additional cables such as a Car Charging Cable and USB-C to USB-c cable through the Bluetti website.

I would strongly recommend you purchase the Car Charging Cable. This will keep your portable fridge cold as you travel and charge any other devices whilst simultaneously charging the power station.

If you’ve driven some of those outback roads, it’s a long time between towns.  With the Car Charging Cable, you can practically charge every device, battery and backup driving from Mt Isa, Qld to Katherine, NT!

These cable additions are very welcome; in my last review on a similar, but different company’s unit, I did express disappointment only the 240V cable was included.

Great decision to include two cables, Bluetti! That’s a tick from me.

Bluetti: What's in the box?


I’m impressed. The 430w Fast Charge capacity is true.  Within 30 minutes the unit had charged to 80%. This is incredibly handy for a number of reasons; you might have forgotten to charge and need power quickly or you are maximising the last few hours of sunlight from your portable solar panels.



The EB3A charge options will be welcomed by those who like to charge their devices on the go.  AC, solar panels, car, generator, AC+Solar or AC+Adapter, there’s no excuse for lack of charge.

Bluetti provide the following specs for charging the EB3A:

Wall Socket – Turbo charging mode (330W) – 1.3hrs or Standard Mode (268W) – 1.5 hrs

Solar Panel – PV200 Solar panel (200W) – 2 hrs or PV120 Solar Panel (120W) – 3 hrs

Car Cigarette Lighter – 12v(100W) – 3.7 hrs or 24V(200W) – 2.4 hrs

Generator – Turbo Charging Mode (330W) – 1.3hrs or Standard model (268W) – 1.5 hrs

Combination Charging
AC and Solar Panel (430W) – 1.2 hours
AC and T200S Adapter (430W) 1.2 hrs

Bluetti Sinewave



LIFEPO4 battery and BMS (Battery Management System) are what sets the EB3A apart from competitors. With thermal and chemical stability not found in the traditional Lithium-ion cells, you benefit from the longer life cycle, power stability and unit safety.

EB3A’s life cycle at 80% runs around 2,500 cycles; not too shabby. The BMS adds security by constantly ensuring your devices are optimised and protected in the event of unexpected factors impacting the unit.

EB3A Battery LiFePo4



With an array of ports to suit your charging needs, the EB3A can accommodate everyone’s devices. From a couple of USB-A’s to USB-C, classic AC and DC output, car socket and even a wireless charger, there’s no more arguing over who uses the charger first.

I especially like the addition of the AC Output port, as my other charger does not have this option.  It made my life easier knowing I could use some smaller appliances with the unit, especially handy if you’re off grid and want to plug in your laptop, etc.

The bottom line is you can easily charge all the things and know you’ll be up and running again in no time.  Below is a great graphic indicating how many times you can charge your item. Very handy to know.

Bluetti EB3A Device Runtime


This is a handy and yet simple app.  Using the QR code on the back of the unit, I was able to download the app and within seconds, was connected to the unit.

Bluetti App

I’ve made a runthrough of the Bluetti App and, as you can see, it is simple but informative.  Less is definitely more. Great app design, Bluetti.


Bluetti specifications

Bluetti Temperature ranges

EB3A Dimensions




Testing the BLUETTI EB3A has been a breeze and I’m very impressed with the unit.  Having a 240v compatible outlet is wonderful (my comparison unit does not have one) and I was able to plug in a variety of small appliances. Everything worked as it should and I experienced no slowing of any appliances.

I was able to charge a drone battery, mobile and my keyboard/mouse for my computer with no issue. The battery ran down slightly but, hooking in the solar panels, it gave a solid charge despite the cold weather.

Here I plugged in a solar USB light and my GHD Wave Iron. It worked perfect well with no loss of power. There’s now no excuse for not looking good whilst camping!

Plugging into an outlet is a quick way to charge up and I did this on a couple of occasions.  This unit would be excellent if you were at home and there was an unexpected blackout. You can charge your mobiles and other devices so you can keep in contact and up to date with any alerts. And because it is so light, you can take it with you if leaving home suddenly is required.

I found it very useful for my desk light and as you can see, brightness is not compromised.

With our upcoming expected bad bushfire season, this unit could provide ongoing power so you can ensure your keep safe and have access to the latest advice and communications.



Be sure to purchase solar panels compatible solar panels.    Bluetti have some great options for you to consider and you won’t have any issues with compatibility. And when you’re out on the road, and just want to charge, why give yourself a headache. I would seriously consider the matching foldable solar panels. You won’t regret it.

Bluetti highly recommend the Bluetti PV120W ~ 2.7 hrs or the Bluetti PV200 ~ 1.8 hrs.

Bluetti EB3A + Solar


The lack of Anderson solar style plugs was an issue for me, as my solar panels now required an adapter if I wanted to use them.  And, upon speaking with a few of my colleagues, the general consensus is the Anderson plugs are more secure, especially when you’re travelling or moving the power station around a campsite.

The propensity of the smaller type plugs to snap off is a an issue and the Andersons have proven more durable over time (and with less loss of charge in my opinion). Bluetti have obviously considered this as the solar DC charging plugs have a plastic housing to protect the pins. But if you’re buying a new solar panel set up, check first to ensure compatibility, or you may require an Anderson to MC4 cable (also available through Bluetti online).



The EB3A’s handle could be improved.  Even though I have small hands and fingers, I found I needed both hands to unseat it from the moulded inbuilt battery top. Add to this no actual hole or groove under the handle, and I became frustrated quickly as it proved repeatedly difficult to release the handle upwards.  I trust it will probably become easier with use over time.

Try as I might, I could not initially get my phone to charge using the wireless charger on top of the unit.  I took the charging compatible cover off my phone and still no charge.  For reference, this was an Apple 14 Max Pro and yes, I was mindful of the raised camera lenses. I ended up plugging the phone in to charge, which worked extremely well.  I then unplugged and placed it on top of the unit, this time with success.  Be prepared to fiddle around a bit to find the charging sweet spot.

The EB3A isn’t waterproof (not even sprinkle proof) and there’s even a recommendation to keep it out of humidity. This could be an issue if you’re travelling to Far North Queensland, the Northern Territory or just live in a humid environment.

The EB3A housing could be a little more rugged. The plastic is sturdy but in my opinion, could do with some tougher design additions such as reinforced edges and perhaps a waterproof casing for future designs.  Something to think about!



What a great little unit!  The BLUETTI EB3A Portable Power Station provided all the connectivity and charging I needed, with plenty left over for everyone else in the family.

Retailing currently at $469.00 ($100 off now at Bluetti), I can recommend the EB3A as a reliable and handy entry level portable power station. It will get you out of a bind in the event of a black out or keep you running for days when camping or travelling, no matter where or how far you may be from civilisation. Or a power point.

I would seriously consider purchasing a compatible solar panel unit too, which retails through Bluetti from $399.00 ($100 off now at Bluetti).   You never know when you might need that backup charging source, so why not purchase a very affordable solar panel setup you know will work out of the box. You can thank me later.

Thank you Bluetti for the opportunity to review the EB3A Portable Power Station.  I feel recharged. *coughs