This will be the shortest review in my 2 decades of putting digital gear to the test.


Sometimes a wall charger is just a wall charger: it just works (until it catches fire).

Yeah, we know some are faster than others but, generally, no one gets excited about them.

Until a device like the EFM 65W GaN Dual Port Wall Charger comes along?


EFM 65W GaN Dual Port Wall Charger


What It Is

This unit is fairly compact. It will easily slot into a crowded powerboard or wall outlet.

Two USB-C ports delivers power to your devices, up to 65W.

These ports are not created equal: one can handle 45W and the other is labelled 20W.

A realistic scenario will see you charge your phone from 0-50% in about 30 minutes.

The EFM unit is designed in Oz and comes with a 5 year warranty.

It just works and for AUD79.95 it will be giving you years of fast and SAFE charging.

So Why Are GaN Chargers So Much Better?

All chargers generate heat but with Gallium Nitride technology the heat produced is a lot less.
This means electronic components can be put together more closely, making for a more compact form.

The high voltages can be quickly and safely transferred to your device and because not so much energy is lost to generating heat, these GaN chargers are more efficient.

And less heat means longevity, efficiency and increased safety.

A no-brainer for your home office and travel.

Check out the EFM product page here.

EFM 65W GaN Dual Port Wall Charger