SHADOWLANDThe latest tome by Tom Horn is tough reading if you love the United States of America.

Not much in this world happens by accident. Most of what is happening in the US and to the US is by deliberate design.

The level of evil designed to emasculate this world power will shock you – just like the interconnection of all the bad players involved.

The book is called SHADOWLAND for a very good reason.
All that is being exposed in this 375 page long softcover is happening in the shadows and by shadowy figures.

Some of it is hard to believe and harder to digest if you’re new to Horn’s oeuvre. However, SHADOWLAND is thoroughly documented and sources are given in 55 pages of footnotes.
That’s how Tom Horn works in the dozen of books he has authored over the decades.

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If you’re familiar with terms such as Deep State and the Occult Elite you’d probably know that behind the overt manifestations of politics with all the TV theatrics are the occult machinations of powers behind the thrones.

That’s always been the case in man’s history but never before so evident for those that have eyes to see.

SHADOWLAND covers a great range of contemporary issues from mainly the American perspective but because the globalist powerbrokers work worldwide, we all can learn from what’s happening there.

We read about Jeffry Epstein and the deals with the devil made by politicians on both sides of the traditional divide. The body count of the Clintons is thoroughly documented. The illegal presidency of Obama is proven as well as the complicity of the mainstream media in suppressing clear evidence.

The price we have paid for our “freedoms” of choice, like the wholesale slaughter of innocent unborn life, the sex trafficking of children, many of whom have been murdered, the brainwashing of our youth with gender choices and questionable morals, that price has been way too high.

And we see that our freedoms that we cherish so much in a modern, democratic society, like freedom to travel, to congregate, to work and to worship can be very quickly taken away.

Sadly, many of the Christian churches have been lukewarm in their approach to these issues or have actively participated in the moral decline.

Is there any hope for America?

Interestingly, this book was written just before the Coronavirus crisis and the race riots that are happening at the moment. It is clear that everything is ramping up dramatically in this momentous election year.

What’s next for America?
Experts in their field and pundits predict severe food shortages, martial law, financial collapse and war. The take down of the USA is well and truly underway.

So is Tom Horn a doomsday prophet or does he hold out any hope for his country? Yes, but it comes with a 10 point action plan. Read the book to see for whom this action plan is meant.

This book is an eye-opening warning for all concerned citizens of America. And a warning for all of us in the Western World.
SHADOWLAND is essential reading.

Published by Defender Publishing and available in different formats and from different places for less than USD17 for the paperback version and 8 bucks for the Kindle edition.