Belkin UltraglassSeeing out 2020, I would have never thought more alcohol would end up on my hands than passing between my lips. But if viruses and the need for personal hygiene has not been on the forefront of your mind, then it should be. With the launch of the iPhone 12 line, Belkin has also launched the Screenforce UltraGlass Anti-Microbial Screen Protector range.

What is UltraGlass?
Belkin claims UltraGlass to be the first-of-its-kind glass and is 2x stronger than Tempered Glass delivering unmatched screen protection. This is based on drop tests of lithium aluminosilicate versus single-tempered aluminosilicate glass, using rough sandpaper. 80% of samples survived a drop height 2x higher than conventional single-tempered aluminosilicate glass.

The marketing speak says this double ion-exchange strengthened glass provides top-of-the-line protection against impacts and drops and engineered for precision to deliver a native screen experience. An ultra-tough top layer of the screen protector is tested to provide the highest level of scratch protection available, keeping your screen safe from keys, coins, and everything else.


First Impressions
The overwhelming thought that comes to mind when someone mentions screen protectors, is the pain of applying it dust free and bubble free onto the screen. I know because I just did two (non-Belkin) for my parents and it was just as horrible as I have always known.

What makes the Belkin product stand out is how they make the process easy, repeatable and simple. The instructions calls for the use of the included microfiber cloth to clean the screen, followed by the use of the dust removal sticker.

The Easy Align Tray is the key here. All you need to do is to pop out the placeholder inside the tray and pop your phone in its place. The screen protector is already aligned perfectly, it is a matter of removing the bottom protective layer, lay the screen protector down from top to bottom and swipe out any bubbles with the microfiber cloth. The last step is to take off the top protective layer and the job is done.

Belkin really has thought of everything to make life easy here.


In Use
The biggest difference with the Belkin Screenforce UltraGlass is the clarity and ease of keeping clean. As with all devices you collect fingerprint marks and smears as you use it, but it is easy to wipe off even if all you are using is the corner of your t-shirt. This holds true still even after extended use, and the dust that inevitably collects on the edges is easy enough to wipe off with a finger and does a good enough job.

Belkin claims the extra anti-microbial coating reduces 99% of bacterial growth, based on third party lab results conducted under the JIS Z 2801-2010 test standard.

There is no adverse side effect of having the Screenforce UltraGlass applied, all the touch and movements in the normal use of the touchscreen remains flawless.


If you were lucky enough to get a new phone for Christmas, getting a screen protector for a new phone is a no-brainer. The Belkin Screenforce UltraGlass Anti-Microbial Screen Protector is not cheap at an RRP of $49.95, but the ease of application with little risk of mangling (and subsequently have to purchase a new protector) is more than worth the price. On top of that the extra anti-microbial layer is another cog in the bigger picture when it comes to dealing with the COVID-normal.