HoverBar Duo with Windows Notebook

HoverBar Duo with Windows Notebook

The HoverBar Duo from TwelveSouth is an adjustable stand for your phone or tablet that frees your hands that makes life just that touch easier. In the kitchen while you cook, in the lounge during a video call during these repeating lockdowns, or to use your tablet as a second screen, the HoverBar Duo has plenty of function. But is it worth the asking price?

I’ve been looking for a new “Second Hand” stand for some of my tablets. When the newly launched HoverBar Duo landed on my desk I knew my search had ended.

Straight up, it’s worth noting that it is billed as specifically made for iPads and iPhones. This is a pretty strange advertisement. As, guess what? It doesn’t have the intelligence to know if you slip in an iPad, an Android tablet or Windows display! It can even be used on other devices like the Nintendo Switch! Use it with the product you use!

So why this restrictive marketing?

It’s a somewhat a mystery. If you go to their website and see that they exclusively cater to the Apple crowd with all their other interesting products, but this is definitely a product that you can use widely!

So let me tell you what this device is, does and why you might want one – even if Android is your ecosystem.


The HoverBar Duo in the Box

Pulling it out the box, just have one look at the HoverBar Duo and its purpose is clear. It is a sturdy and very practical stand for your tablet, phone or small notebook. Whatever you wield, the HoverBar Duo will fit if it is within size limits.

So, what size devices will fit: the padded clamp opens up to 220mm and that means even my Samsung Windows 12 inch Notebook can be accommodated and that with its keyboard case!

Any phone bigger than 127mm high will also fit.

The HoverBar Duo label indicates it can be used as a Desk Stand or with a space saving Desk Clamp (which has a maximum width of 34mm  and minimum width of 10mm to clamp onto your desk or shelf or bench). Both options come in the box.

Switching over takes a few minutes so most folks will leave the HoverBar Duo in either one of the two modes. But it is nice to have the option.

The weighted base makes the stand rock solid. The whole construction is well-built and engineered so that you can have the display at any height between eye-level and touching the desk as well as any useful angle.

The articulated arm is much like our own arm, sporting a “shoulder”, an elbow”” and a “wrist “that holds the display. Fully extended, the arm has an handy arm length of 380mm.

Why You Want the HoverBar Duo?

First up, most of us are often hunched over our tablets for long periods every day. This can result in a fair bit of stress and strain on our neck and shoulders. Long term, this can really contribute to bad posture. Having a display at eye level without having to hold it up makes good sense. With the HoverBar Duo, you can adjust your tablet so it is at a perfect level for video calls!

On top of that, it is great to use in the kitchen. Working from a recipe on your iPad, just throw it in the HoverBar Duo and you can continue to cook without having to balance your tablet. As in the picture to the side, you can easily attach the arm to your cupboard and get cooking!

But there’s plenty of other ways to use the HoverBar Duo. From freeing your hands to do craft, holding the tablet up to follow make-up tutorials, filming you as you draw (or even DO those make-up tutorials), or even holding a Nintendo Switch or tablet to keep the kids entertained while out, the options are limitless.

Check out the short video from Twelve South at the bottom of this article!


Final thoughts on the HoverBar Duo

This is a great tool and a welcome addition in my house. It has simply made using tablets a lot easier without them tumbling over or trying to stoop to their level when on video calls.

The ability to rotate the display quickly or adjust the angle and height is a given for these things. But handy is also that you can fix the display holder so that it doesn’t move. There’s also an Allen key to tighten the rotating bits.

It must also be added that the build quality is superb. The company, Twelve South, should be commended. I predict that you could easily be on your iPhone 16 before there will be any sign of wear and tear on the HoverBar Duo.

Whilst the weighted base is very suitable for its intended use, just make sure that the tablet is basically positioned directly over the base. While it does balance pretty well, it is best to do this to prevent any possibility of toppling over.

I’m a 100 percent happy with the HoverBar Duo and for AUD139.95 I feel it is well priced for its range of uses and its quality.

We thank Twelve South for allowing us to test out the HoverBar Duo. Jump on over to the Twelve South Australia site to grab yours.

Whilst you’re there, check out for all the other very practical accessories (mainly for Apple products).

We will be testing out a few more of these gadgets and gizmos soon here on DRN.