The App Cam PANO is the latest enhanced outdoor security camera from the highly respected Uniden.  The weatherproof 4K dual lens spotlight, WiFi-enabled  advanced AI with Colour Night Vision brings a whole new dimension to your outdoor home security.



The App Cam PANO is a very sturdy camera and I’m impressed at the build quality. The well-sealed camera unit will cope with any form of weather; which is good because lately we’ve had the full gamut of events. And yes, it is made to cope with the Australian sun. There’s a couple of waterproof lead covers, very handy if your camera has any cabling areas exposed to weather.  Everything you need to set up is provided: LAN cable, template for camera attachment, etc.  I also like the inclusion of the mounting strap – it’s a great help if there’s only one of you to hold the camera whilst attaching it to your home.


Everything you need is provided but you will need to BYO the MicroSD card:


This is one very well designed camera, with a variety of specifications enabling you to maximise the outdoor security of home:


The App Cam PANO has the capability to capture very impressive motion detected video footage with the installed ultra-high-definition (4K) lens.   The image range is broad with excellent detail whether day or night.

The 170-degree-wide field of view benefits from dual lens hardware that merges the videos together into one picture. With a greater depth of field and spectrum than a traditional security camera, the App Cam PANO lets you see everything clearly,  day or night.


The infrared night vision automatically switches on so you can view anything and everything in the dark.  This means the ability to clearly identify the appearance of anyone approaching the property.  The strong built-in spotlight adds colour to the night vision footage up to 10m away.  Plus you can adjust the depth of the spotlight in app too, making the spotlight brighter depending upon your needs.



Viewing and recording a wide image range has often resulted in grainy images in the past. This is where the App Cam PANO shines. Clear as day, regardless of the hour, video footage in real time provides greater details and zoom capacity to help you identify people and items if required.


The accurate AI detection technology enables you to distinguish between a person, vehicle or pet.  The instant push technology alerts you immediately  but also learns in order to reduce false alarms.


The siren is loud!  My dogs were intrigued for about 30 seconds before they started barking madly. So I used the TWO WAY TALK to tell them to sit down and be quiet.  Obviously they didn’t listen but I know they heard me; I certainly heard them…


Uniden SOLO app is available globally and the best way to remote live view in 4k quality. The Uniden SOLO app has a clear and well thought out interface.  Syncing is straightforward according to the instructions and this proved mostly true.  If you don’t have a Uniden account, you’ll need to create one.

A hard reset of the App Cam PANO was required as it would not initially sync to the SOLO App.  This was easily achieved by using the included tool on the reset button (located below the MicroUSB slot).

Once reset, a loud beep let me know the App Cam PANO and SOLO app were paired and it immediately went through the paces of setting up the camera.  I was also able to rename the camera and immediately view the surrounds.

The SOLO App gives you a large range of options from controlling the speaker and spotlight to setting up Pet surveillance.

Two way communication and voice alerts help with all manner of people arriving at your home; tradies, couriers or even the kids home from school.

Privacy masking is an added bonus, enabling the user to black out sectors not required whilst focusing on the necessary surveillance areas.

The App Cam Pano certainly is featured packed and you’ll be impressed with the remote access it provides via the SOLO app. It’s like you’re actually on your doorstep.




  • Putting the App Cam PANO together is no issue; a quick click of power cable and the Ethernet and we’re in business.
  • After the first initial hard-wired sync to the modem, I was able to install the camera at the front exterior of my home.
  • The WiFi ears screw in securely and have excellent range.
  • Visibility is excellent and once night fell it was very interested to see how much detail was apparent via the relayed footage.
  • The spotlight is bright and the ability to adjust the depth of light is very handy.
  • Two way talk is definitely loud and clear.
  • The SOLO app is very easy to understand and provides a seamless transition between on the ground footage and app.  There’s many options in app to explore and figure out what works best for you.


The Uniden App Cam PANO is brilliant.  Uniden is a leader in the home security market and the new App Cam PANO only solidifies their market share.  The AI, wide angled camera, wonderful 24/7 vision, and deterrence aspects (siren, spotlight and two way voice) gives you the edge when it comes to protecting your home for years to come.

The Uniden App Cam PANO retails for $399.95 and is available from Uniden, Amazon and various security appliance retailers. Retailing at $399.95, the App Cam PANO gives you peace of mind and the ability to deal with security situations outside your home quickly and remotely. I feel safer with the camera keeping an eye on my home and you will too,

Thank you Uniden for the opportunity to review the App Cam PANO.