Most gamers are either also someone that is using a keyboard at school and/or at work (or at least 1 other system other than their main rig). “I want the same keyboard and typing experience across the different systems and environments I use them in.”

It seems like a simple ask yet it’s an issue I’ve yet to find a decent solution for until now.

G-Tek Cyborg 1000G-Tek Cyborg 1000


Whether Windows or Mac the G-Tek Cyborg 1000 has got it covered. It is a 87-key TKL, that is wired and wireless with 2.4Ghz AND Bluetooth which solves my long standing issue of not being able to use the same keyboard across my 3 different systems:

  • My Gaming Rig – Wired for aesthetics
  • My HTPC – Wireless for practicality
  • My Work Laptop – Bluetooth for mobility and limited USB ports
G-Tek Cyborg 1000 G-Tek Cyborg 1000


The GTek Cyborg 1000 comes in white and black and has a bunch of design features that shows just how well thought-out the product is. Below are some notable observations and features:

  • The keyboard has a removable magnetic cover that allows for easy cleaning and to switch from a more traditional look to a keyboard that has a floating keycap style design.
  • Ergonomics is also considered with the included padded wrist rest and 2 levels of elevation made possible with the foldout feet.
  • USB C connector at the keyboard end with cable routing channels to come out from either the centre, left or right side is very appreciated as I route my cables on my desk a certain way.
  • 2000mAh Li-Ion battery stores enough juice to get me through a day of work and evening a gaming with plenty left in the tank
  • Discreet storage for the 2.4Ghz USB wireless receiver and a physical switch to switch the keyboard into different connection modes is a nice touch.
  • Size and weight is portable without compromising structural integrity. The 2.2mm thick body, carbon steel mid plate, sound dampening material adds some heft to the piece. Coming in at 950g and measuring 137 x 360 x 38 mm it friendly with most backpacks and satchels
  • The PBT double shot keycaps are in the standard Cherry profile have a nice textured feel and have clear etching that allows the lighting to shine through clearly. While the white variant will get a bit grubby over time, they are easy enough to remove and clean.
  • Linear Cherry MX Reds make it a great halfway house for gaming and productivity. Keys feel well lubricated and stable enough to minimise obnoxious rattles.
  • Per-key RGB backlighting, although not programmable, does not need any software as the pre build lighting modes, colours and brightness can be cycled through using the keyboard.
  • Windows Functions and Multimedia controls using a combination of the FN + F-Keys are a nice touch as they are often used on laptops.

I do want to step back and take a look at the Cyborg 1000 from a product strategy perspective though as there are some things about the line-up that could be improved on.

G-Tek Cyborg 1000 G-Tek Cyborg 1000


TLK’s vs. 75%

The winning features that make the Cyborg 1000 a great product is the triple connectivity option and its potential to be a portable keyboard. I would love to see its compactness elevated to a 75% layout that eliminates the gaps/space that would otherwise take up room on TKL layout.

G-Tek Cyborg 1000


70% is an oddball

Advertised as a 70% form factor it’s neither here or there as it has eliminated the FN Key row and repositioned the full Nav Cluster vertically and have quite different design and connectivity features (Wired and Bluetooth Connectivity to up to 3 devices) which sets it apart quite significantly from the rest of the products in the stack.

It would be good to see the connectivity of the Cyborg 1000 replicated here and the design and features kept consistent with the differentiator being the form factor – Consider a 65% with smaller home cluster.

G-Tek Cyborg 1000


No Wireless for full-sized users?

The full-sized keyboard in the line-up is missing the wireless features all together. Although not targeted at being portable, there are a number of use cases where wireless connectivity would still be useful for those who prefer a traditional layout so it would be a missed opportunity to omit such a key feature.

As a product on its own, the G-Tek Cyborg 1000 is the latest product in in Laser’s gaming brand that ticks all the right boxes without going in the deep rabbit-hole of custom mechanical keyboards. Priced at $249, I wouldn’t call it chump change but it is worth it considering what you get for it. It’s a definitely a keeper as much as it is a looker.