Logi1At a time when handshakes are frowned upon in our Coronavirus-riddled societies, the only “handshake” that is really welcomed is from the MX VERTICAL mouse.

What do we mean by that?

And how does this mouse help anyone with RSI – Repetitive Strain Injury?

And what if you don’t have RSI (yet) – is this mouse any good for you?

Come along and I’ll show you why I give this mouse a huge thumbs-up.

Hey, didn’t we recently review the MX VERTICAL already? Indeed, our new Editor-in-Chief, Kevin, did this about 10 months ago and you can read about it here.

This review, however, specifically looks at how it benefits RSI afflicted users or folks who want to avoid RSI.

The first mouse we reviewed in this category was the ZTM or Zero Tension Mouse. That’s ancient history: 14 years ago!

My RSI had not progressed at that stage and there were some other options I was using like speech recognition.

However, there’s still always a lot of mousing to do, particularly in working with spreadsheets and editing. So the rodents never disappeared from my desk…

And in nearly 18 years of publishing we’ve written about a lot of mice. Arguably the best brand – consistently- has been Logitech with great innovations. The MX series is exemplary with its Unifying receiver and great ergonomics.

The MX VERTICAL brings the ergonomics to new heights of user-friendliness (but not if you’re leftie!)

Fortunately I’m right-handed but I used to often switch hands with other mice to relief the strain. I don’t have to do that anymore with the VERTICAL (which is actually even less vertical than the Leaning Tower of Pisa: the optimum angle here is 33 degrees from vertical or 57 degrees from your desk). It feels good, like a natural handshake, not like a power grab that twists your wrist.

All the important buttons are within comfy reach. The Logitech Options menu lets you personalise all the buttons. The only one that’s not on speaking terms with me yet is the scroll button. It doesn’t do scrolling 1 page elegantly but goes straight to the end of an article. Same with Google Calendar: scrolls 3 months at the time.

So I set it at scrolling 20 lines at the time and that works better.



Even after just a week’s use I can definitely say this critter is gonna stay on my desk. It eases my RSI and I’m confident it can prevent strain injuries in folks that use the mouse a lot. And our previous review also mentioned how Logi Flow can effortlessly use this mouse across different screens so what’s not to like?

The official price perhaps at AUD170?

How about 129 bucks if you mouse around a bit? Ah, feeling much better already!

Highly recommended!