Twelve South have pulled out all stops and created the perfect MacBook stand.
Sleek, secure and dare I say, sultry, Twelve South’s Curve for MacBook is a minimalist’s dream.



It’s no secret that technological advances and their multiple accoutrements can create overwhelming complexity in our lives. So it’s a breath of fresh air to feast my eyes on the deceptively simplistic, beautiful styling of Curve for MacBook.

If you’ve got a MacBook, like me you’ve no doubt precariously perched it on a variety of improvised surfaces. The angst ridden moments trying to improve  the camera viewpoint in the middle of Zoom meetings or improve viewing angles whilst working can be…frustrating. Not just for you but also your audience.

‘Um Kevin… can you lift the camera up a little? I can only see your neck”.

‘Like this?” Kevin adjusts camera to ceiling level.

The team sighs as one.

Curve can spare you and your team this pain once and for all (Kevin we’ll deal with later).

It’s just a stand, right?

Well, yes but no!

Curve is designed so your MacBook screen is elevated to 16.5cm off your desk.  This creates a comfortable, ergonomic platform from which to work, conduct your video calls, etc.  No more hunching over or straining your neck.

Twelve South state the instant improvement in posture lessens tension in your neck and shoulders, thus improving productivity and increasing your creative flow.

I agree; I was forever hunching over, trying to get the right angle in work calls but no more. I actually think Twelve South had all our mums in mind when they designed Curve. “Elisabeth, sit up straight, shoulders back!”.  No excuse now. Your back will thank you and so will video call participants. And your mum.

But won’t any stand do?

Quite simply, no. I’ve experimented for a year now with different stands: a box, a couple of books, an old shelf precariously suspended on two bricks and so on. But none of them quite hit the spot nor satisfied my quest for laptop safety and aesthetics until I trialled Curve.

Curve for MacBook is designed with multi-device work in mind. I’m using a full sized BlueTooth apple keyboard, Magic mouse and have set up another monitor to one side.  Everything flows now, my eye levels are great and I feel comfortable.

Bonus points for realising we don’t have to look dreadful in video calls. Curve has been designed so the webcam is lifted to your eye level, resulting in less random chin video calls and a better looking you.


Who would have thought one piece of aluminium could look so good? Curve’s one piece design with non-slip silicone grips underneath and on the two arms ensures your MacBook doesn’t move and neither does the stand.

There’s two colour choices: Classic Matte Black Curve or Matte White Curve.

My Space Grey Mac and the Curve matte black finish blend in seamlessly.  I can place my matching keyboard on the base of the Curve and keep everything neat and tidy.

You literally can’t lose anything as there’s no extra parts.  I find it highly doubtful you could break this strong yet elegant stand. Mind you,  I don’t recommend dropping it from great heights but you get my drift.

Testing, testing 1..2..

I used Curve with my MacBook on a table inside, a table outside, a bench and even in the kitchen as I went about chores.  Curve didn’t budge and neither did my MacBook, despite a cat attempting to squish underneath it.

Curve’s airflow is excellent. Plugging in multiple peripherals and aforementioned cats did not compromise the design and I had no concerns regarding overheating.

Curve Non Slip Arm

Storage was good – I could leave it in situ, shut my MacBook, place the Bluetooth keyboard and Magic Mouse beneath it without any fuss.

There’s no hinge catching because the whole back of the MacBook is free. The  MacBook sits snuggly on the non-slip feet and doesn’t slip at all.

Curve enables me to sit at the right angle and interact without having to drop my chair, compromise with temporary stands, etc. As a result, conducting video calls was a pleasure, not a neck aching challenge.


Curve is highly recommended for the discerning MacBook users who need a reliable, aesthetically pleasing MacBook stand for their office/study set up.

Strong and sturdy yet minimalist and refined, Curve is a lesson in design excellence.  Whilst this may be my shortest review for any product to date, it in no way diminishes the innate practicality of this beautiful MacBook stand. Twelve South, take a bow.

Thank you to Twelve South for the opportunity to trial Curve for MacBook.

Curve retails for $79.95 from various reputable retailers including, Apple and other Apple Mac peripheral providers. With all the sales at the moment, you might even snag yourself an early Christmas bargain.

Disclaimer: No Kevins were harmed during the research process.