Aegis NetDock 3

Just a few days ago we mentioned the announcement of the Aegis NetDock and already we’re having a fantastic looking unit in gorgeous deep red hooked up to our computer!
That’s pretty fast for a transpacific and continental shipment. Courtesy of Apricorn and ProLine Communications agency we’re having a good look at what is probably the most essential accessory for any netbook and most tablet users: a portable hard drive combined with a DVD burner and a bunch of powered and unpowered USB ports.
Let’s check out what’s beyond the good looks.


Unboxing the Aegis NetDock was momentarily ominous. As I removed the unit out of its wrapping the distinct sound of a loose screw rattling around the unit was heard. "Better you than me" was my initial thought as the term of having a screw loose is not particularly complimentary for any person or device for that matter!
This unit came with a 2.5” 500 GB hard drive already installed and that’s exactly what led to this problem. One of the side fixing screws must not have been tight enough and became undone. Easily fixed.


Apricorn Aegis NetDock Contents
From there on out it was easy sailing. Plug in the power cord, hook up the USB to your computer and the Aegis NetDock is ready to do your bidding. I quickly transferred some backup files to the unit and tested out the dual layer DVD burner. The Dual Layer recording engine allows you to record up to 8.5GB of data per DVD, almost doubling data storage capacity on a DVD recordable disc from the single layer recording capacity of 4.7 GBs. Pity those discs are still pretty expensive…
Extremely handy is the fact that you have an additional four USB ports, two of them constantly powered which is great for charging up your phone or other gadgets. This only works if the unit itself will stay under power.
Any green credentials, you ask? That seems to be the sales pitch of these last few years and why not… The Aegis Netdock has an auto “ON” and “OFF” feature, automatically turning on when connected to your netbook or slate, and powering the NetDock down when not in use.
Don’t worry too much about standby power either: we measured a measly 1 Watt only in its constant ready state!
I find it easier to have the unit laying flat on the desk but if space is at a premium then there is a nonslip stand in the package as well.

There’s some useful software included – handy if you don’t already have similar utilities.
These are:
CD/DVD Burning Software from BurnAware
VLC Media Player
Microsoft SyncToy Synchronisation Software
(and a Product Manual for the unit)

Honestly, this has been one of the simplest units to test – it all just works as it should.
No surprises except for a bit of screwing around… literally.
Any gripes?
None. But I do wish there was a USB 3.0 version already. Not that there are many netbooks out there with this hi-speed USB connection but my Asus notebook has one and it would be great to see more speedy connections around.

This Aegis NetDock 3-in1 USB Docking Station from Apricorn has all the ingredients to be a big winner if the number of sold tablets and netbooks is a guide.
Great looks combined with all the features to make your netbook, UMPC or USB equipped tablet fully functional does it for us here at

And the price is quite reasonable too: $89 for a unit without a hard drive. With a 500GB Hard Drive already installed the price jumps to USD189. If you have a spare 2.5 inch drive, don’t be afraid to put in your own screws… 🙂

Apricorn Aegis NetDock HDD


The glorious mixture of looks, features, Value for Money means that we can highly recommend the Aegis NetDock from Apricorn.

In fact, it gets our coveted Editor’s Choice Award!



More details on the NetDock site.