B&D Diamond PD Control A Door

Look at this!  Installation made easy, well built and quiet to operate.  What am I describing?  It’s the B&D Diamond Power Drive door opener graciously provided for a review by www.bnd.com.au

What they didn’t know was that I have had one of their older products before and that is still going strong operating one of my five roller doors, pretty much on a daily basis, so just maybe I might be a bit biased.

At digitalreviews.net we tend to only pick products we are fairly sure come from a good stable, having used their older products before or are impressed with the supplier’s code of ethics.  Anyway, I shall take you through the installation, which I intend to do on my own and check that this later model, the Diamond PD – Power Drive operates as well, or manages to equal my older one.  Surpass it?  Let’s see!   

 Whats in the box?


After taking it all out of the box, I determined I had everything to complete the installation, longer screws provided where we would need them and new clamps etc.  I did read the instructions on this occasion, a typical male though – I usually leave that to last. I set off at precisely 10:00am to install the (BND Roll A Door), B&D Diamond PD – Power Drive in the sequence as advised.


Enough room?



Firstly we ensured that the bracket to door edge was sufficient to get the Diamond Control a Door motor in, and at a distance of 8.5cm, we expected a comfortable fit.  We found that the supplied bolts were galvanised where needed, and all screws plated, where necessary, with nylock nuts.  This reinforced our first assessment of good product quality.

A word of caution to DIY installers, whilst I expect you not to have any trouble whatsoever, be warned that you MUST ensure that you tie up the door so that it can’t unwind its pretension spring. 



You can accomplish this by following these simple steps:

Tie it upProvide support

 • Have door positioned fully up and tie a rope around it in two places (see photos)
• Support rolled up door with something (I used a ladder and a block of wood)
• Undo one side clamp only so that the opposite side holds axle to wall bracket firmly to stop unwind.
• Remove motor side clamp and wall bracket
• Slide on B&D Diamond PD roller door motor
• Put wall bracket back on and do up all bolts up lightly
• Using a ¼ inch drive socket set to make it easy to tighten clamp nuts and wall bracket Tec screws securely
• Remove all ropes and supports


Note that the above is accomplished a lot easier by using a couple of long ¼ inch drive extensions.


Ensure motor is disengaged and pull door up and down several times to ensure that it does not bind anywhere in it’s rail guides on either side of the door,  If it does, selectively loosen and remedy.  Then remove the door handle and with the longer screws supplied, affix counter assistance weight to door.  You are now ready to limit set and code set as per the detailed simple instructions supplied as part of the kit, which is easy I might add.

• Extremely easy and quick to fit (58 minutes one person) if you are at all handy, with a couple of tools
• Made a lot easier if you have another person to assist with some menial tasks
• Extremely quiet operation, with presets unaffected by power failure (previously a huge source of frustration in older models)
• Capable of being activated far enough away so that you can continue driving and get there in time with marginal delay prior to door fully open
• Provision of useful optional extras to suit differing applications
• An additional remote supplied to make a total of 3 would have been useful (rather than it being an optional extra)
• One remote cannot operate another 3 separate doors and yet it has 4 buttons.


Once again, an excellent high standard product with good visible back up service and advice.

At a RRP of under $ 500 AUD the B&D Diamond PD Power Drive Roller Door opener from BND gets the thumbs up for design, ease of installation, operation and backup service.  Well done BND!

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