We’ve been on the hunt for the perfect case for our new Galaxy note 10.1. We reviewed one sometime ago but wanted to have a lightweight case that would allow the tablet to be rotated into a portrait position plus have a Sleep/Wake function.
The name Capdase wasn’t in my vocabulary until a few weeks ago when one of our contributors wrote about a case for his device. As usual, Mobilezap came to the party with the unit from their huge selection. So how did this Capdase FlipJacket perform?


First Impressions
The Capdase Folder Case has a perfect fit for the 2014 Edition of the Samsung 10.1 inch Note tablet. This is always a key criterion before anything else. The case is a heavy-duty plastic, which looks good but obviously it isn’t leather. All buttons, ports and speakers are accessible when the case is closed, except one: the micro-USB charge port. It would have been so simple to have included an opening for this port so that you can charge the tablet whilst closed.

The Capdase FlipJacket does exactly what it is designed for: a great protection for your tablet and providing hands-free support for landscape and portrait orientations.
Surprisingly, even though it’s reasonably lightweight, this case adds a fair bit of heft to the tablet, which is not necessarily a bad thing.
Multi-Angle viewing is made possible through the so called Easy-GO Round mechanism which enables the tablet to rotate 360°. Some apps automatically default to portrait mode for reading so the ability to turn the tablet 90° is highly desirable.



Sleep/Wake Function
Samsung has a built-in Sleep/Wake function which means that when you open up the case it will spring to life and default to the calendar and note page. This is a very handy feature. Of course, the first few times I tried it out I had to make sure that the system had indeed shut down properly…. You don’t want the battery to drain if it hadn’t shut down! The top flap is secured with 2 small suction cups rather than a magnetic latch which some cases have. I quite like this solution and hope they will last for the lifetime of the case. It seems to be the most fragile part of the Capdase.
There are a couple of credit or business card slots inside the front cover which is always handy.



I won’t need to look around for another, more functional or more luxurious case. The Capdase FlipJacket is a great solution for protection of your tablet. Spending a couple of hours at the time using a tablet with proper hands free support makes an amazing difference. You can call this Capdase your own for less than 40 bucks and you can even choose from different colours. If you check the MobileZap website there are at least 100 Capdase products….




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