Well, this last gadget is a good one to close off our look at the Efo offerings as this is THE button to shut off your machinery when you leave your desk. That’s right, from listening to the world with the USB Dongle for Internet Radio, we can now SAVE the world with the Eco button! At least, that’s what the company would like you to believe when they say: Save Energy, Save Money, Save World !!!

Sure, switching off your computer when you’re not going to be at your desk for more than a few minutes makes sense but how does the Eco Button differ from using the Standby button on your equipment?

Fundamentally not much.

But, using this button your computer will go down to the lowest available power mode whilst at the same time, remains capable of waking up quickly for you to resume work.

And when you do, the Eco Button software will then also display how much power, money and green house gases you have saved.
It’s fun to see how soon you’ve saved enough to warrant the $13.70 that it costs for the Eco Button!

Installation is straightforward when you plug it in: within half a minute you can press the blue button and the system shuts down. You may have to restart it by using the computer’s own power button. Surprising that they used a blue LED and not a green cover…

They claim that a typical user will save around $50 per year in electricity equivalent and prevent 130kg of CO2 being released in the atmosphere.
The Eco Button works only for computer running Windows 7/ 2000 / XP / Vista 32.