Freedom Pro Keyboard

A couple of weeks ago we reviewed a low-end Bluetooth keyboard and this time we present the high end of wireless keyboarding: the Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard – kindly shipped to us by
Whereas the Brando unit was cheap and looked cheap, this keyboard oozes quality.
Typing comfort is much better too as this is just about the full size of my business notebook’s keyboard, yet only about twice the size of the Brando unit when folded and a bit thicker.
Expect full functionality from the Freedom Pro and you will not be disappointed.
What does it have, you ask?



Let’s do the walk-around.

The battery operated keyboard unfolds easy to spread a smorgasbord of colour-coded letters and symbols before you. Deciphering them might take awhile you think…
More on that later.
Fortunately there’s a hinge lock to make sure the two halves stay put when you’re typing on a non-flat surface.
There’s a surprise hidden in the right half of the keyboard which I only discovered by reading the manual: an easel that you can pull out to hold your phone or PDA. Clever!
Battery life for the 2 AAA’s (included) is about 90 hours of solid typing. To get the most out of the batteries it will go into power saving mode if you don’t touch it for 15 minutes. To prevent you from finishing typing your latest novel in the middle of the night there’s a battery warning light that comes on when they need replacing.




We have a Power Switch and a Mode Selection Switch just in case you have a Blackberry rather than a Windows phone or Symbian device.
In addition to the Fn Function keys there’s also a set of SK1-SK6 Control Keys to emulate the main control keys on your smartphone, like Select and Back, etc.
Not only that but you also have a bunch (a bunch in this case is 12) of Quick Keys so that you can answer the phone or open your inbox! Access your Calendar or Task List straight from the Freedom Pro! Hey, you can also open your phone Camera or access the right or left soft keys. Lots of functionality from these 75 keys and combinations, including all the various ways to control your media player.
Have fun figuring out the foreign language characters on the middle row of keys! They seem to be a mix of Spanish, French and Greek… accessed by the AltGr key. Yes, it’s all Greek to me!
The install booklet describes various ways to pair it with your device but it makes it look more complicated than it really is.
Typing on it is almost as good as on any good keyboard. The thing that tripped me up a few times was the split Space Bar which is a bit small. Most of the other characters are in the expected places.

The Freedom Pro is a very nice looking device: matt keys and glossy on the outside. To keep it nice and neat a leather case is provided for your travels.
I love the Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard! Good size, good typing comfort, amazing functionality and a great travel companion. Can’t go wrong if you stop by
Regular price is $149.99 which is not inexpensive but I just noticed that it is on sale now for $89.95 .
We give it a 9 out of 10.