S8 Charger0
Here’s our quick take on the new wireless charger that Samsung announced at the same time as the Galaxy S8.

It’s awesome, big and expensive.

Now for more detail.

The original Sammy accessories have always carried a premium price.
But 91 Aussie bucks for just a charger?!
Admittedly, it’s a very nice piece of kit. Samsung even praises their own product as “Art”. Even “Powerful Art”. It makes a “Statement” in its minimalist matte silicone design, they say…
Oh well.

20170530 183202
Have I told you yet that it doesn’t even come with a power pack nor USB cable?
Not that this matters much as you’re supposed to use the bits that came with your Galaxy, but hey.
It’s a USB C device and fortunately Samsung included one of those easy to lose small adapter thingies with it so you can basically use their old fast charging plugs with this.
Interesting that Samsung did not put their logo on it as they did with the previous one. Minimalist indeed!

20170530 183000

This big dude seems to have three charging coils inside so that accurate placement of your phone is not so critical and you can happily do it in landscape mode as well with a case on.


S8 Charger1
Different from the last wireless charger we reviewed is that the stand slides nicely back under the charging pad when not in use so that it is flat. Good for travelling they say but if I were you, I’d just take the normal charger with me: lot less weight than the quarter of a kilo of this guy, smaller and when you forget it in your hotel room: no big deal.


Yep, it’s the best. You’ll love it once you got permission from the Ministry of Finance to get a loan for it…

More likely: if you forked out a grand and more for your phone you wouldn’t mind getting this original Samsung “Powerful Art Statement” on your desk for a lousy 91bucks, do you?

Check out our friends at MobileZap who supplied this charger. Have a gander to see what else would charge your devices.