Now that I can charge up my Galaxy S6 in next to no time (relatively speaking) through its proprietary fast charge unit, I want every device that I possess to be able to have that capacity.

This is where PortaPow saw the need and has come to the rescue with its PortaPow Fast Charge Data Block Adaptor and Cable.

Does it work?

Apparently it is not just the Ferrari red plugs that make it go faster….

There is a bit of a hard wired magic in the form of a SmartCharge chip which will know what type of device is connected and can automatically switch between Apple and Samsung specifications or just the standard universal type for smartphones and tablets. If your device supports a faster charging speed the PortaPow will deliver it.

Keep in mind that this cable will only deliver juice, not data and that is probably a good thing because now it doesn’t need to start up iTunes or whatever program normally gets started when you plug in the sync cable.

It works for most modern gadgets with the exception of the Asus Transform T100 and iPods.



So What Are the Results?

Here is a small comparison: I recharged my Galaxy S6 from my computer’s USB 3.0 port from 30% by another 30% in 30 minutes with the PortaPow system. Neat numbers, but is it faster?

It is faster still if plugged into a regular Samsung charger: 24 mins with the PortaPow.

A similar 30% charge with the proprietary Samsung fast charger will do it in 22 minutes.

And the same 30% charge with a standard sync/charge cable will take 24 minutes.

Upshot: it’s not miles better and the times vary not much.





The PortaPow cables come in various lengths, the 1 meter length is probably the most useful. Cable and Data Block adapter can be had for around the 22 mark from 4Cabling. Even though in most cases it might not be heaps faster, it still is handy to throw into your gadget bag for a quick charge when you have run out of juice and out of time.