GoPro Case Phantom 1

Most things of value are worth protecting. Particularly when you’re travelling with it. You buy a new phone and the first accessory you buy is probably a decent case. Same with the Phantom 2 Vision. If you just fly from your backyard or your local park you can do without a case but if you go further afield a strong case is a must.

Today we are reviewing the GoProfessional hard case which impresses on a number of levels.


The box that the Phantom Vision comes in is very practical for shipments but for day-to-day use you want something more versatile and with more storage options. It also looks that much more professional if you show up at a venue with a decent hard case rather than a cardboard box.


GoPro Case Phantom 2


GoPro Case Phantom 3


The case is large enough so that you can fit the Phantom in with the propellers attached. There are some foam inserts that will help you position the props in such a way that the lid can be closed easily.



GoProfessional sell a number of cases for drones as well as for other equipment.

There was a slight hiccup when we took delivery of the case because the controller would not fit in properly. It turned out that the case for the original Phantom was sent rather than for the Vision model. The case itself is the same; it is just that the foam insert was cut slightly different. This meant that the drone itself still fits in perfectly as the basic shape of the craft has not changed but the Wi-Fi extender and the phone clamp of the controller presented some problems in making it all fit. Also the new smart batteries have a different size but will still slot in quite easily, albeit a bit loosely.

The best way to deal with this is to take a sharp knife and cut off some foam.
It won’t be done as neatly as the water-jet precision cuts but it will work just fine.
I found out that the best way to get it all in was to take off most of the wireless extender and the clamp. It just means an extra minute assembling these while you wait for the obligatory 6 satellites to appear…

GoPro Case Phantom 4


GoPro Case Phantom 5

As you can see from the photos it’s a great looking case with a couple of big clasps for opening and closing and for extra security you can easily put a lock on either corner through the reinforced rings.

The whole case is touted as an SKB military spec one. That might mean something to those who go to rough places for their job but for us it means your baby will be safe inside… And there’s a lifetime warranty on it. A nice large, rubberised handle makes it easy to carry it the last mile to your secret launching pad. There is plenty of room for some extra batteries, the charger, 4 AA batteries for the controller, some extra props and that’s about it. Pretty compact and that’s just what I like about it. I’ve got room for my Galaxy S5 in there as well. If you use the GoPro on the Phantom 2 with Zenmuse gimbal, that’s no sweat either and you can also accommodate extra GoPro batteries and chargers as well. Same with FPV goggles. All of that in a case with exterior dimensions: 51 x 43 x 22cm, weighing just 6 kilos.



GoPro Case

The GoProfessional hard case is great to store your gear in and to carry it all out into the open fields for flying. You can even use the case for a launching platform in case it’s a rough field with high grass or rocks. Landing on it might be a challenge but you can always grab the landing gear when the Phantom is hovering right in front of you.



If price was not an issue we could give this case our highest recommendation.
Good protection doesn’t come cheap. We are talking about just a hair under AUD300 (plus 20 bucks shipping).

We have to weigh that up with the investment in the Phantom Vision which makes it more reasonable. If you think about buying a case overseas keep in mind that the shipping costs are fairly prohibitive for these big cases.

For our Australian audience we recommend buying locally, even though locally might mean it’s the other side of the country….
In short, the GoProfessional hard case looks great, dare I say it: “professional”, and will outlast your Phantom. Guaranteed.
Check-in with GoPro Cases who kindly supplied this case.