galaxy s7 accessories sview

There is no denying it: the Galaxy S7 edge is a fantastic phone. It is a combination of the best of the S5 and S6 and the latest Marshmallow operating system.

It is quite an investment at well over AU$1000 and totally worth protecting, particularly as the phone is a slippery as a slimy eel. That’s not the best comparison as there is nothing slimy about it, just slippery….

So first up we will be looking at an official Samsung case in the familiar S View edition.


We have reviewed these cases for the S5 and the S6 before and have grown quite fond of the S-View notification panel. Plus the fact that the phone is fully covered front and back and the notification panel can be touched and swiped just like the actual screen.

The original S5 cover had a leathery black look that made it appear more expensive than it was. The next edition for the S6 disappointed in that it was a grey bluish colour that looked cheap. The new S-View case for the Galaxy S7 edge is anthracite grey black with a very nice feel to it: it’s velvety smooth. There is ample protection for the corners and the two long sides have also protection except for where the buttons are.

The fit is perfect as you might expect from a Samsung product and for my purposes this is the best case out there. There is only one issue with a feature that I quite like about the new Galaxy S7 edge which is the night clock on the edge panel or the always on clock on the main screen. If you have the case closed on your bedside table these features don’t work. The obvious solution is to open the case. I still would like to have an always on feature through the S-View panel but because the clock pixels cannot stay stationary in one place because it might damage the pixels, this is not going to happen anytime soon.

Highly recommended at 55 bucks but also check out the other cases in the extensive range atMobileZap.

Official Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charger

galaxy charger
The next essential accessory undoubtedly is the new wireless charging unit from Samsung that allows fast charging. Last year’s unit look very similar but only charged at normal rates and it quickly disappeared in the bottom of a drawer…. We want FAST!

It’s a different story with the new unit today as it is well-designed and will easily charge the phone even if it has a case around it.
It’s very easy to position the phone correctly, unlike some of the earlier models.
This unit creates an electromagnetic field for Qi wireless charging and also has over-charging prevention.

This is the perfect charger for your desktop because it is bulky and heavy (117g) and not particularly suited for travelling. One of the things that makes it so bulky is that it includes a fan on the bottom to whisk away excess heat through the vents. The fan is barely audible but obviously induction charging is more of a heat generating process than by cable from your fast charging wall plug.

20160330 132552


The ambient LED light might be a bit too bright for bedside use. Autodim should fix that. It will charge faster but not as fast as the cabled fast charger that comes standard with your Galaxy. Also: no cable and plug is included so you’ll have to use the one the phone came with…

Again a highly recommended product from MobileZap at $55 which is perfect for the in between little charges when you’re at your desk.