Deciding on a security camera for the interior or exterior of your home is a big decision. Our home is our safe space and when the gate is closed, you are home.  For those seeking a secure home, the Swann CoreCam Pro digital Wi-Fi security camera is for you, giving peace of mind without the hassle.

Editor-in-Chief note: This review is written by Andrew Williamson, a guest editor. We are looking forward to more contributions from him with his unique point of view living in very rural Australia.

The Swann CoreCam Pro is an affordable option for those with the desire to maintain their safe space. It provides a simplified setup and very easy to use interface that gives you peace of mind, even when you may think you may not need it.

  • Simple and easy to setup.
  • Easy to install in a range of locations, interior or exterior.
  • Provides good clear footage and crisp audio.
  • Ability to mask areas you do not want to detect.

Swann CoreCam Pro 


First Impressions

The Swann CoreCam Pro Spotlight Camera comes in a neatly boxed package which is well thought out. Security stickers attached ensure security of the product, and with a simple tray to remove, you have everything at your fingertips to start set up. The manual was easy to read, and the enclosed sticker pack provides you with a simple to install thief deterrent.  The camera is quite compact and comes with a sturdy 3-point plastic mount with a threaded attachment for the camera. This provides a simple way to remove the camera to charge and to reinstall.


Set Up

Swann’s CoreCam Pro is a very simple to setup device.  It is important to plug it in to the supplied charge cable to fully charge 100% at first use. This initial charging took about 20 minutes to full on a USB to 240v adapter (Not Included).

Like any guy, reading the manual is usually not something we do first. This is a learnt skill and one that comes later in life with effort.  In the spirit of review and self sacrifice, I read it so my fellow men don’t have to. The manual was simple and made the CoreCam Pro straight forward to setup with little effort. It even comes in a few languages, likely aimed at its target market demographic. The camera has a small rubber plate on the bottom to access and replace the 32gb Micro SD (included) as well as the charge port.


Security Stickers

The enclosed security sticker pack for your windows and doors was at first glance, a little over the top, to then realise these also come in a variety of languages. Each sticker is wrapped in plastic, with 2 inside window stickers and 4 outdoor stickers provided.

Swann CoreCam Pro Contents


Swann Security App

Downloading the app for device control was also simple. Just search for ‘Swann Security’ and install for Android on Play Store.  For Apple devices, you can also easily find the app on the Apple Store. A fairly simple process to get you up and going. You will need to make an account with Swann to utilise the benefits of the device and so that you can choose to back up your captured videos online.

The app, whilst setting up, also tried to locate me to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But even using Geolocation, it still got it wrong. Inputting the manual address is achievable with the little location drop at the top right of the screen. If you are tech savvy, it still takes a moment to locate, as this information it is not included in any manual.

Swann CoreCam Pro AppSwann CoreCam Pro App


Voice, Camera… Spotlight!

The rather blunt realisation that the device talks to you during setup, and when first turned on, resulted in me reminiscing about a moment of domination by Skynet AI.  This was immediately followed by the update process trying to core out my retinas.  Yes, the camera immediately turned on its super bright LED light (and I do mean bright!) which does as intended and lights the way. A handy hint: during setup turn the device on its side before it updates the device settings… the very bright spotlight is just that. Your eyesight will thank you.


Pro Services

I would love to have had the opportunity to sign up for the pro services with Swann, but I am not that interested in accessing anything online, even as a backup service. I would imagine most consumers would rather wait and sign up just before going on holidays.  If you do want to sign up, the camera would really become a useful tool to monitor the kids or to tell the person leaving a package to do so in the shed out the back. I can also imagine a number of circumstances where the voice feature would also be very helpful.



The app provides functionality for a range of options, but the ability to flip the device capture made it simpler for mounting on the underside of our high-set Queenslander.  It took me a great deal of time to decide where to put the CoreCam Pro, but it finally found its place above the front door.  My wife is guaranteed to answer the door so,  so whilst handy as an option, super strategic placement was not required in this instance. Of note, there is also to option to flip horizontally, where you may need to mount the CoreCam Pro sideways.

Now that I have installed the mount on the frame next to our door, after removing the ball cup to make it easier to screw in, I had turned the device off to protect myself from motion alerts on my phone, to find now it was correctly mounted, I had to somehow pry my way into the on/off button again to turn the device on. Thankfully this is simple once you remove the device from the mount.

Some difficulties with setting up the detection system, with our ADHD son enjoying the push to talk, record and being a goof. He was however very helpful in setting up the detection range, as he was very willing to run around whilst I played with the settings.

Swann CoreCam Pro DaySwann CoreCam Pro Night


The Siren…

Swann have also included one option within the camera settings that makes it to the potentially useless pile, the in-built siren. If your intention is to scare people away from your door, a motion detecting dog would be a better way to go, rather than alerting friends to an impending nuclear fallout!  The Siren is just annoying, not scary. With that said, using the siren to alert people to your address in an emergency, along with the floodlight, might just warrant a possible use.

Swann CoreCam Pro AppSwann CoreCam Pro Calendar


In Use

Within the Swann app, when in live camera mode, tapping again on the feed reveals several extra functionality options. Push to talk, to tell your friend to back away from the door (revealing the likelihood I never have to leave my chair again, with 2-way conversations possible). You can also record video, take a picture, turn on the light and sound the siren to scare off undesirables.

The other great feature is the ability to locate clips taken by the camera motion sensor easily, with a calendar-like page in the app. You can choose to delete or keep anything you require from the camera. Swipe to locate and tap to download to your device and play.

The app also alerts you to motion or people at your door through your standard notification alert system on your phone.   You can setup a detection mask, allowing the camera to focus on a specific area to detect, so vehicles driving past or branches moving do not get detected and wake the camera up.

For two weeks (before charge) I had no issues with the camera, it worked flawlessly, identifying people coming to my door without issue. I felt that the camera storage must be getting full, but it was not; the system actively keeps approximately 7 days of footage before deleting past footage.  I suggest you download to your phone any footage you want to keep before it is erased.

After the 2 weeks, I was receiving notification of a low battery, which resulted in a turn off and removal from mount to plug into the phone charger. (I was using a Samsung fast charger.) Charging the unit whilst off took 48 hours to reach 100%; two nights of potentially not feeling secure. One could now see the benefits of the solar charge kit, particularly if you are installing the CoreCam Pro at significant height or in difficult to get to locations outside your home.

Swann CoreCam Pro NightSwann CoreCam Pro Night



Whilst reading this article, you may have picked up on some of my small frustrations and I will highlight those here. Disclaimer: These come from an individual who has not previously used a Wi-Fi camera.

  • I was not impressed by the image loading time and how it ‘wakes up’ each time you want to look at who is outside making the dog bark.  The “wake up” can take up to 30 seconds and meanwhile the commotion has moved on.
  • The video rendering time when the device is recording footage is lengthy; you’ll have to set your phone down and walk away. I might mention I have this set to the highest quality. It would take less time with reduced quality.
  • Charge time will leave you considering purchase of more devices, with a 48-hour charge on a high-speed charger and charge cable.
  • When your power goes out, your device is also offline.
  • When your internet suffers catastrophic problems due to NBN Co scheduled and unscheduled works, you also have a camera offline.  It is apparent the CoreCame Pro requires the internet to operate in the manner intended – a home security device without internet is no security.



Despite its issues, and my gripes, I am quite impressed with the variety of features and would highly recommend the Swann CoreCam Pro for a simple and easy to use device.

The setup was straight forward, the app is easy to navigate, and the recorded quality is decent.  It is a quality device with a complete set of features to compliment any security scenario. Most importantly, it makes your safe space feel much safer and makes your home into a Swann Fortress.

The Swann CoreCam Pro has a RRP of $229.95 for a single unit, or they come in a pair with a modest savings at RRP $449.95.

DRN would like to thank Swann for providing the review unit.




Video Resolution: 2K (4MP) Quad HD

Viewing Angle: 100° Wide Angle

Motion Sensitivity: True Detect™ Thermal / Heat-Sensing

PIR Heat Detection Range: Up to 8m / 26ft

Night Vision Distance: B&W or Color: Up to 15m / 50ft


Memory: Local 32GB Micro SD Card included & Secure Cloud

Power Source: Rechargeable 6000mAh Lithium Battery

Battery Recharging: Via Micro USB Cable (included)

Audio: 2 Way Audio – Microphone & Speaker + Siren

Audio Range: Up to 5m / 16ft

Spotlight: Yes

Dimensions: 80mm x 55mm x 68mm / 3.15″ x 2.17″ x 2.68″

Weight: 209g / 0.46bs

Operating Temperature: 14ºF to 113ºF / -10ºC to 45ºC

Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor or Outdoor

IP Rating: IP65

Wi-Fi Frequency: 2.4GHz (wireless range up to 65ft/20m)

App (iOS & Android): Swann Security


iOS (13.0 & later)

Android™ (10.0 & later) Mobile Device/Tablet.

Wi-Fi with High Speed Internet Connection.

Minimum Upload Speed 1Mbps per camera.

Smartphone or Tablet Charging Plug (for faster charging Swann recommends using a higher amp charger such as 5V 2.1 Amp).