In a world first, The Galeries is reimagining Australia’s unwanted Christmas gifts into objects of desire.

From socks and alarm clocks to soap and mugs – the list is endless, 80% of Australians receive unwanted gifts every year.

The Galeries has partnered with digital artist Miguel Gonzalez and utilised Artificial Intelligence program Midjourney to show just how unique shopping at The Galeries is.

The Galeries Christmas 2022


Miguel Gonzalez reimagined gifts will be displayed on a digital tree located on the ground floor of The Galeries. Standing at five metres tall, featuring eight unique works of art across a series of screens, the digi-tree will be a sight not to be missed. Have a look at the digi-tree in action here.

Miguel Gonzalez, artist said: “I have experimented with Midjourney since its inception, and believe it develops concepts with more depth and allows you to think about movements and styles. I see Midjourney as a great collaboration between machine and human.”

The work for The Galeries has been extremely rewarding, celebrating all things unique, extraordinary, conscious and progressive.

Corrine Barchanowicz, Head of Marketing, Brand and Experience, Vicinity Centres said: “The Galeries has long been a destination for the contemporary and unique, and we wanted to continue that vision by combining unique artwork with new technology. The digi-tree is distinctly The Galeries, introducing our customers to a new, cutting-edge artistic form never before seen in Australia.

The Galeries Christmas 2022


The Galeries invites everyone to visit the unique digi-tree from now until January.

*Over two thirds of the 80% of Australians who receive unwanted gifts every year would consider donating them and to further support conscious buying this festive season, The Galeries will be collecting unwanted gifts on behalf of the Red Cross from December 26th.