CP1500EPFCLCDOur human tendencies is to take things for granted in life, until such time we have a rude awakening. Electricity to power our gadgets is certainly high on the list of taken for granted, until we receive our power bills anyway.

Aside from the expectation that when we plug something in, flick a switch and it should be working, do many people really think about what happens behind the scenes? My home is still a work zone with limited number of working GPOs, and none of the lights circuit is actually on. With some enforced major works done on power, it got me to peek behind the curtains and think about the longer term strategy other than “let’s get the power connected.”

With thanks to CyberPower, DigitalReviews will be reviewing the CP1500EPFCLCD Uninterruptible Power Supply. Stay tuned and we will be giving our view on the unit in a few weeks time, the role it plays in giving power to the people.