CES 2022 is almost upon us, and on the center stage for Jabra is their Elite true wireless range.


Boost fitness resolutions with the Elite 4 Active

Ring in a new year, new you attitude, with the latest addition to the new Elite series, the Jabra Elite 4 Active. Designed for those who love an active lifestyle, including popular workouts like yoga, boxing or running, the Elite 4 Active brings the Elite Active range to a broader audience. It comes with a IP57 rating for dust protection and submersion in water for 30 minutes at 1 meter depth.

Jabra is not stranger to the sports oriented earbuds, and their athleisure design guarantees a unique,  secure fit, designed to stay in while you work out.

To ensure maximum focus for the wearer, the Elite 4 Active blocks out noise at the gym with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). In addition to this, the immersive workout music  experience is further enhanced via the customisable equaliser. These earbuds also include HearThrough for added awareness. Perfect for urban runs, so individuals can remain  safe with an awareness of their surroundings when running.

Jabra Elite 4 Active Jabra Elite 4 Active

To keep you moving, the Elite 4 Active has Alexa Built-in and Spotify Tap playback experience. The  Spotify Tap playback allows for faster access to music. It also comes with Google Fast Pair, creating a seamless connecting experience to Android devices with instant pairing when switching on.

At AU$179, the earbuds offer a price conscious option for those who are looking for a true wireless solution that does not  only support their active lifestyle, but offers great call quality to connect with friends and  colleagues. Whilst providing a long battery life of up to 7 hours play-time (up to 28 with the charging case), the Elite 4 Active also boasts fast charge capabilities.

The Jabra Elite 4 Active comes with 4-microphone technology, protected by a  special mesh covering for added wind noise protection, so you can be heard loud and clear  on calls. Adding to a comfortable fit outside of sports, with a wing-free, ergonomic design.

Jabra also provides something for everyone, as these earbuds come in colour themes  consistent with the existing Elite Active range; navy, black and light mint.

Calum MacDougall, SVP at Jabra said, “We all understand the importance of keeping fit and  healthy, but working at your own pace is essential. The new Jabra Elite 4 Active offers a  relatable alternative for those who love an active lifestyle but are not looking for the intensity  of its more aspirational sister in this range, the Jabra Elite 7 Active. Again, Jabra steps up  to offer something that’s just right for everyone’s own personal journey.

Elite 4 Active Key features

  • Secure active fit with ergonomic, wing-free design
  • IP57-rated water and sweat proof durability
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
  • 6mm speakers and customisable equaliser
  • HearThrough technology for added awareness
  • 4-microphone call technology
  • Up to 7-hours playtime (up to 28 hours with charging case)
  • Use either earbud with mono mode
  • Alexa Built-in or Spotify Tap playback, and Google Fast Pair

The Elite 4 Active will be available from today and available at selected retailers for  MSR AU$179.


Bluetooth Multipoint arrives on Elite 7 Pro

DRN reviewed the Elite 7 Pro back in November 2021, and Bluetooth Multipoint was not available back then.

It will now be made available via a firmware update in the Sound+ app later this January 2022, Multipoint is a feature  that allow users to stay fully connected to two devices at once, making it easy to seamlessly  switch between work and play. Working flexibly can be a juggling act at times, but with  Multipoint users can connect their Elite 7 Pro to their personal and professional devices –  helping them remain aware of everything at once and increase productivity.

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro is part of Jabra’s redefined Elite range, which signifies the latest  breakthrough in true wireless technology: each product is specifically engineered to reinvent  the true wireless experience by introducing new and unique technologies optimised for  specific use cases in a sleek and modern design.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro X Ray


Jabra Enhance Plus: Engineered for hearing enhancement

The Jabra Enhance TM line of hearing enhancement solutions is designed to help users  hear more from life. Jabra Enhance Plus sets a new standard for bringing together the  convenience of true wireless earbuds with advanced hearing technology to alleviate  unaddressed hearing needs and enable millions of people to take a first step on their  hearing health journey.

Jabra Enhance Plus is a unique high-tech, all-in-one hearable for those who experience  mild-to-moderate hearing loss but who are not yet ready for traditional all-day wear hearing  aids. Taking true wireless tech to new levels, the device packs four key audiological  features: Warp Compressor for analysis of sounds similar to human ear for more natural  sound quality and efficient processing, Digital Noise Reduction for listening comfort and  keeping speech clear, Digital Feedback Suppression to keep feedback from interfering with  sound quality of the amplification, and Binaural Beamformer with directionality to isolate  sounds, allowing users to focus on what is most important.

Jabra Enhance Plus


Superior video collaboration in your pocket with the Jabra PanaCast 20

The Jabra PanaCast 20 personal camera will now be available for shipping. The product  offers hybrid workers high-quality, secure video collaboration, no matter where they are, in a  beautifully designed, compact, portable and easy-to-use package. The device features AI  that is managed on-device with Edge processing. This means that all the experiences are  powered on the device itself, significantly minimising the risk of security breaches and  maximising speed, accuracy, and the overall quality of the experience. For those using the  camera, it has a built-in lens cover to guarantee privacy, and prevent the camera  being left “on” accidentally, adding an extra layer of “peace of mind” for the user.

Security assurances for those working outside of the office are important, but equally so are  video and picture quality. The PanaCast 20 delivers this via 4K Ultra HD Video, HDR video  as well as personalised Intelligent Zoom, which always frames the main user properly,  regardless of their environment. It also has automatic lighting correction, so whatever the  time of day, or the situation in which they’re collaborating, their video stream is optimised in the best way feasible.

Calum MacDougall, SVP at Jabra, said “We are thrilled to be back at CES 2022 and be able  to provide updates and demos of some of the most exciting products in our true wireless and  hearing enhancement line-up. The past year has seen several innovations in our Elite range, with the Elite 4 Active being the latest addition and at the same time we are bringing state-of- the-art hearing enhancement in true wireless form factor to the market.

Jabra PanaCast 20


Exciting announcements from Jabra, and DRN is looking forward to bringing our thoughts on their latest offerings.