As electricity prices have continued to rise over the past couple of years, Zyxel Networks‘ switches can help SMBs to weather the storm and align with sustainability goals through energy-saving networks.

Major research suggests that small businesses are some of the most exposed economic players, with cost reductions being a matter of survival for many. Zyxel Networks’ switches offer a pertinent solution to this challenge, helping businesses to identify areas where efficiencies can be increased and energy-saving actions taken.

The simple act of powering-down connected devices during non-working hours could save businesses hundreds of dollars per year. With the PoE Scheduling feature, which is supported in Zyxel Networks’ Smart Managed, Layer 2 Plus, and Layer 3 Access PoE switches, users can determine when switches supply power to connected devices and at what time the power will automatically cut off.

In a typical small to medium-sized business (SMB) environment, where 20 PoE APs are installed, scheduling them to power-down during non-working hours can translate to savings of up to USD $313. The cost saving is just one simple step away via the switch management interface.


Smart fan equals smart savings

In addition to the PoE scheduling feature, select Zyxel switches, such as the XGS2220 series, boast a smart fan design. This innovation automatically adjusts the fan speed in relation to the device temperature, stopping it from wasting energy by constantly running at full power. For businesses using ten switches with a smart fan design, such as the XGS2220-54FP, the potential savings per year could easily cover a decent coffee machine for the office.


PoE consumption mode to optimize network TCO

Further savings can be unlocked through the PoE consumption mode of Zyxel Networks’ switches. Integral to its Smart Managed, Layer 2 Plus, and Layer 3 Access PoE switches, this gauges the power consumption status of each device, ensuring they only receive the power they need. This not only conserves energy, but also reserves more of the power budget to accommodate additional devices, reducing the network’s total cost of ownership (TCO).

SMBs are under increased pressure from macroeconomic challenges, especially rising energy costs,” said Mr. Gary Chen, ANZ regional head at Zyxel Networks. “These businesses need technologies that drive efficiency alongside sustainability, helping them to cut power consumption and save money at the same time. Our switches, with their energy-saving features, can provide some quick wins and much-needed respite in these trying times.

Zyxel Networks offers a comprehensive range of network switches – from unmanaged to Layer 3 aggregation, standalone to cloud-managed, gigabit to 10G speeds – offering businesses tailor-made solutions to their unique challenges. Now is an opportunity to realise immediate savings with POE scheduling, streamline operations and align with sustainability goals through its range of energy-saving switches.