CoPilot Live Premium AustraliaWe have a number of licenses to give away for the new CoPilot Live Premium Australia which has recently been announced for the Android and iPhone platforms.

I’ve always been a fan of this great looking navigation program -despite the fact that the maps were rather out of date when CoPilot Live 8 came out a while ago.

Hopefully that has all been fixed but what got me more excited is the Alternate Routing this app can generate for you. Up till now it didn’t always create the very best route and to have some alternatives is great!

If you want to get yourself a free license of the new CoPilot Premium for Oz and Nz, send me an email via the Contact Us section of the site.

The first 5 to respond will get a licence if you agree to give me some feedback on your experiences with the program within the next 4 weeks.

I’m looking for a few paragraphs of the Good, the Bad and the iWish points…

Indicate please which you prefer:  either the Android or iPhone version.