GTECH Pro EGSOkay, I’ll admit it – If the G-TECH/Pro EGS was just a big rev counter that would be okay too, but it turns out that the EGS is G-TECH’s latest update to its line of car performance meters.

The Expandable Gauge System (EGS) aims to provide the driver with all the information he/she could ever want in a single – aesthetically awesome – gauge. Along with the shift lights and massive rev counter, the high resolution LCD is used to display coolant temperatures, digital rev counter, performance graphs and even accelerometer data, etc.

The EGS also has a detachable control unit which can be placed closer to your hands for easy access.

Stay tuned as we try to get our hands on one of these to put it through its paces. Until then, you can head on over to GTECH’s website to get more information.