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Insert Coin: Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner does as its name implies

The fine folks over at Lomography are at it again, but this time, they’re out for something more than just quirky. In fact, this may be useful for many more people than those obsessed with retrofied / distorted photography. As so many established outfits are doing these days, Lomography has turned to Kickstarter in hopes of funding its latest endeavor. The Smartphone Film Scanner is a (comparatively) portable device that straps onto any iPhone and “most” Android phones. From there, you simply slide any old 35mm film you have laying around into the back, flip on the embedded backlight, and capture a photo of the negative using the included app. Once it’s digitized, you can flip it into a positive, stitch together a panorama, or even create a multi-frame animation. Naturally, it can be shared around the globe from there using your social media program of choice.

Head on past the break for a few demo vids, and tap the source link to hand over your credit card details — early birds can snag one for $40 + shipping, while those coming on late will be asked to fork over a bit more.

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